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The iconic Larchmont Village Pizzeria rescued by love and tradition

New Year’s Eve champagne and pizza party

Left to right Partners Frank Grillo, Jeff Bowler, Bobby Blair and Frank’s son Remi Grillo

Bobby Blair Operating Partner.

Bobby Blair & Bret Saxon (Partner and Owner of Wonder Film Media)

Team of Village Pizzeria

The incredible dedication in this Italian pizza place over two decades, it has created a landmark of the community in Larchmont Village.

The great pizza was already there it just needed a face lift”
— Bobby Blair
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 23, 2022 / -- A group of old friends decided to become partners as a result of the last pandemic and started their new endeavor, an endearing common point that they had been visiting for the last 20 years. The Village Pizzeria in Larchmont Village.

After the pandemics hardship damage that many business all over the world experienced in the past couple of years, the group of friends began a new adventure that will keep them happy and productive. That new challenge was to adquiere the iconic Village Pizzeria. They bought the place to save it for the community so it wouldn’t die because of Covid after the old owners were worn out.

Since February 1997, Village Pizzeria was opened in Los Ángeles.

The dough for the pizza crust is prepared daily using fresh yeast and allowed to 'proof' (rise). California fresh means just that — no additives — fresh. The resulting shell is a true baker's crust. Village Pizzeria Larchmont use the best Wisconsin mozzarella available. To ensure the quality and freshness of the toppings, we make our own sausage, meatballs, marinara sauce, balsamic and Italian dressings, fresh crushed garlic and clam mixture and pesto according to specific 'special' house recipes. We only use fresh cut produce. No microwaves ovens used here!! We've been told this is among the very best pizza anywhere. The proof of the pizza is in the eating for over 20 years!!!!

Consider as one of the favorite spots to enjoy the company with your friends and family and as well to have a close encounter with some of the usual Hollywood celebrities.

Village pizzeria is not just another East Coast roots its been already consider emblematic for having the best of the best and of course the best pizza. This a great restaurant with beer and wine. Here you can get your pizza with either a thick or thin crust, and the emphasis is more on the toppings. This place is more experiment-minded with them too. It offers a couple of "veggie" pizzas, and feta cheese often shows up. Still, none of them can really beat Village Pizzeria's devasteing pepperoni pizza. The excellent mozzarella is topped with spicy, aromatic sausage slices cooked down so far they've turned into a sort of pepperoni jerky, so chewy, salty and concentrated it almost hurts the tongue. This is a gorgeously, indefensibly rich pizza, too-the plate positively runs with orange sausage grease, and the waitress is likely to volunteer extra napkins. A couple of simple pasta dishes are available. For instance, chewy meat or mushroom ravioli, baked ziti in a fresh tomato sauce with lots of garlic or penne with chicken and broccoli and even more garlic. You can also add some great salads to complement your meal.

Village Pizzeria manages to be pretty busy most of the time, proving the old saying: “If you build a serious pizza, they will come”. All of our pizzas are hand-spun And made "to order".

The Village Pizzeria at 131 N Larchmont Blvd, LA 90004, will open its doors for this coming New Year’s Eve to celebrate in a classic Hollywood vibe on a champagne pizza party classic.

Hosted by Bobby and Bret.

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