Wipelot was chosen as the Innovation Results Champion at InovaLIG 2022, where innovation leaders are recognized

Wipelot Industrial IoT & RTLS Solutions

Wipelot Industrial IoT & RTLS Solutions

Wipelot Inovalig 2022 Award Winner

Wipelot Inovalig 2022 Award Winner

Wipelot, the company behind many industrial innovations, is constantly adding to its list of successes.

We are honored to become the Innovation Result Champion of Turkey's InovaLIG program. We are proud of always being one step ahead, innovating and creating the best solutions for industries.”
— Corporate Comms Leader Koray YÜCEL

ISTANBUL, TüRKIYE, December 14, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Wipelot, which has carried out successful projects in the field of industrial IoT with innovative business solutions, added a new one to its awards with Turkey's first and most comprehensive innovation program InovaLIG. The company won the "Innovation Results Champion" award in the SME category at InovaLIG 2022.

Turkey's first innovation development program, InovaLIG, has been holding an innovation week with the Turkish Exporters Assembly since 2012. The program, which was held at the Haliç Congress Center between 12-13 December this year, hosted senior executives of global and local companies—all innovation leaders who shape development—as well as everyone who follows innovations. Within the scope of this organization that embraces change by developing different and new ideas, Turkey's innovation leaders were awarded this year.

"Wipelot, the company behind many industrial innovations, is constantly adding to its list of successes."

Developing solutions with its Smart technologies in production, intralogistics, mining, aviation, and many other fields, Wipelot continues to carry out successful projects with what it has brought to many companies from different sectors. Wipelot, which has been deemed worthy of many awards locally and globally with its works, has made its name among the most innovative companies in Turkey this time. As a result of the evaluations of the Turkish Exporters Assembly and the jury members, it became the "Innovation Results Champion"!

Working with devotion, the Wipelot team continues to add innovation to the systems used by many industry-leading companies in Turkey and around the world and to make a difference in the world of technology.

About Wipelot

Since its establishment in 2005, the technology company Wipelot makes production in industrial IoT which provides software, hardware, and consultancy services in real-time personnel, equipment, and environment monitoring that constitute the basis for digital transformation. The company carries out R&D, design, and manufacturing activities in industrial IoT, RTLS, RFID, and UWB and manufactures %100 its own products. Wipelot stands out with its real-time tracking technologies that provide efficiency, speed, and occupational safety in the digitalized business processes of the major industrial establishments in the Fortune 500, and offers substantial added value for the industrial branches such as automotive, home appliances, metallurgy, energy, food, health, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and textile, as well as many different sectors such as mining, construction, aviation, and defense. Wipelot carries out analyses using the real-time data received from the field and provides efficiency and occupational safety with the instantaneous tracking of the personnel, vehicles, heavy-duty machines, equipment, and semi-products and the monitoring of the values such as temperature, humidity, gas, and light in risky work environments. Wipelot is a member of Omlox, UWB Alliance, and FiRa Consortium, which bring together technology companies in the world, producing hardware and developing solutions with Ultra Wide Band Technology (UWB).

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