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Journey Spice Co., an Eco-Friendly and Organic Spice and Seasoning Company Launches Four Organic Italian Seasonings

Journey Spice Co.'s New Organic Italian Seasonings

Journey Spice Co.'s New Organic Italian Seasonings

DENVER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, December 8, 2022 / -- After positive consumer reception of Journey Spice Co.’s initial launch of four Mediterranean seasonings on earlier this year, Journey Spice Co. recently added four new seasoning blends to its line of products. The four new seasoning blends include Organic Pizza Seasoning, Organic Tuscan Seasoning, Organic Sicilian Seasoning, and Organic Savory Garlic Herb. Like the initial four product offerings, these four new seasoning blends are USDA Organic Certified and salt and sugar-free. In addition, all Journey Spice Co. organic spices and seasonings are non-GMO, MSG-free, contain no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors, are non-irradiated and EtO-free, are synthetic pesticide-free, contain no fillers or anti-caking agents, and are vegan-friendly. 
These thoughtfully crafted organic Italian seasonings have many uses in cooking and baking recipes. The descriptions below list only a few suggestions, but Journey Spice Co. founders plan to post many recipes on their website to go along with these seasoning blends in the future:
Organic Pizza Seasoning: Journey Spice Co.’s Organic Pizza Seasoning is inspired by the mouthwatering tastes and smells of Italy’s finest pizzerias. It will not only bring pizza night to a whole new level, but it also tastes amazing in calzones, pasta, lasagna, veggies, poultry, and much more. 
Organic Tuscan Seasoning: Journey Spice Co.’s Organic Tuscan Seasoning is like taking a stroll through the gorgeous countryside and along the beautiful coastline of Tuscany while immersing yourself in its extensive cultural heritage. Enjoy this exquisitely robust seasoning on steak, poultry, pork, seitan, pasta, soup, veggies, bread dipping seasoning with extra virgin olive oil, and much more. 
Organic Sicilian Seasoning: Journey Spice Co.’s Organic Sicilian Seasoning is inspired by the stunningly beautiful Mediterranean island of Sicily and all of the flavors within. It is delectable as bread dipping seasoning with extra virgin olive oil and on seafood, chicken and other poultry, tofu, pasta, pizza, salad dressings, and more. 
Organic Savory Garlic Herb: Journey Spice Co.’s Organic Savory Garlic Herb is a scrumptious combination of savory, garlicky, and herby flavors. It is delicious on garlic bread, garlic knots, dinner rolls, bruschetta, popcorn, potatoes, other veggies, and so much more! Like all Journey Spice Co. introductions, this seasoning blend is vegan-friendly, and it has a slightly “cheesy” taste. 
Journey Spice Co. is a family-owned organic spice and seasoning company based in Denver, Colorado. Married couple and co-founders Rosa Bree Willems and C. Andon Guenther launched their first products in 2022 with a major goal of making their company as sustainable as possible. “When we were deciding which type of packaging to use for our products, we found that only about half of what you recycle really gets recycled. Plastic has the worst recycling rate at about 9 percent. Therefore, packaging that could biodegrade fairly quickly was important to us beyond it just being recyclable. We arrived at our miniature paper-based carton packaging because it can be recycled in most areas in the U.S. Since it is mostly paper, it can also biodegrade in a relatively short amount of time,” according to Rosa Bree Willems. 
The top of the carton is safety sealed with an innovative paper-based “Reusable Planet-Cap” that can be removed after breaking the perforations, and then it can slide back on to keep the carton closed when it is not being used. Since paper-based packaging generally weighs less than other forms of packaging, this helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. All Journey Spice Co. packaging utilizes eco-friendly printing ink and is BPA, BPS, and PFAS-free. Journey Spice Co. is committed to removing one pound of plastic from the environment for every product purchased through its partnership with rePurpose Global. Journey Spice Co. has also partnered with to achieve carbon neutrality. Beyond this, sustainable supply chain practices are used when possible. USDA Organic Certified products are also more eco-friendly than conventionally grown products due to lack of synthetic pesticide use, reduced pollution, and many other reasons. All Journey Spice Co.'s environmentally friendly products are available in two and four-gift pack options on 

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Introducing Journey Spice Co. Organic Italian Seasonings