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Whistleblower, Educator and Advocate

Whistleblower, Educator and Advocate

This personal account is a horrifying testament to the organizational dysfunction/corruption in major institutions such as education and sport in Canada.

Perpetrators and enablers must be held accountable under the law for their wrongdoing.”
— Jennifer Fraser
OTTAWA, ON, CANADA, December 2, 2022 / -- Dr. Jennifer Fraser, PhD, Director at Whistleblowing Canada, and long-time advocate for major legal and culture reforms to protect children in Education and Sport in Canada has been called to appear before a House of Commons Committee.


What: Meeting of the Standing Committee on the Status of Women,
Topic: Women and Girls in Sport Date: Monday, Dec. 5, 11am to 1pm EST
Place: Room 425, Wellington Building,
197 Sparks Street, Ottawa, ON

Dr. Fraser will detail her own lived experience beginning in the 1980’s and take the Members of the Standing Committee – the peoples’ representatives – through a litany of failures of all the entities that are set up in our society to protect people and especially the vulnerable, from abuses of any kind.

According to Dr. Fraser, ” Those who enable abuse are not just accomplices to the harm being done to victims, their re-victimization does as much if not more harm according to extensive scientific research. Until we hold those who commit betrayal trauma accountable, the army of enablers will continue to cover up abuse and perpetuate the cycle."

Forward, President of Whistleblowing Canada says, “We all should stand in awe of the dedication, determination and commitment of Dr. Fraser in her efforts to bring this subject into the consciousness of those who can do something about the problems and failures she exposes. We stand with her in her calls for the highest political power in the land to use this power urgently to act to fix the problems and repair the damage for future generations”.

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