Truth & Liberty Coalition: "Senate Votes to Disrespect Marriage and Undermine Religious Liberty Troubling"

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“This new measure is deeply troubling," said Richard Harris, executive director of Truth & Liberty Coalition

Going forward, we must all pray and prepare ourselves to stand our ground for Truth, no matter the cost.”
— Richard Harris, T&L executive director
WOODLAND PARK, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2022 / -- The Respect for Marriage Act (HR 8404) passed the U.S. Senate this week, with 12 Republicans joining Democrats to vote for the bill without Utah Sen. Mike Lee’s amendment to protect religious liberty.

Under this law, if any state approves same-sex or polygamous marriage, every other state and the federal government must give those marriages “full faith and credit.” The law repeals the Defense of Marriage Act, passed in the 1990s, which makes gay marriage a civil right under federal law.

"It essentially codifies the gay marriage decision of the Supreme Court (Obergfell v. Hodges) and overrides the power of individual states to decide these issues," according to a Truth & Liberty official. "It also gives power to the federal Attorney General’s office to enforce the law and individual citizens to file lawsuits."

As Republicans take control of the House in January, introducing a bill to protect religious liberty will be a top priority for leadership, according to a statement from Truth & Liberty Coalition. Without creating a firewall to protect rights already detailed in the Constitution, Christian organizations and individuals will be at risk, said the organization.

According to Richard Harris, executive director of Truth & Liberty Coalition:

“This new measure is deeply troubling. The federal government was never given power in the Constitution to tell states how to define marriage. Plus, God’s word prohibits homosexuality and defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman for life. This law not only rejects God’s word, it commands every government official in the entire nation to reject God’s word. It is a direct repudiation of “the laws of nature and Nature’s God” upon which our nation was built. By refusing to provide meaningful protection for the freedom of believers to follow God’s word in this vital area, the lawmakers have knowingly facilitated violations of the First Amendment and put the federal government on a collision course with the Church. Going forward, we must all pray and prepare ourselves to stand our ground for Truth, no matter the cost.”

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