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Why is Society the Way it is? Because it is Pay Back Time.

/ Why do we need in New York City a cop on every corner and every around the corner in the most educated city in the world? Why do we have 20% of all New Yorkers living near or below the poverty line?

It is because a huge part of the population in all great and small cities is emotionally challenged. In the majority of cases the fault lies with our leaders in government and our leaders in education. Emotionally challenged students enter the class room at the kindergarten level and they stay in school for many years, most almost till High School. Yet in all this time we make little effort to address their emotional intelligence imbalances. We wrongly label them as failures and we actually set them up to become criminals and dependent members of society. All the harm to society that these students inflict as adults is payback time for having neglected to take care of their emotional shortcomings. We ignorantly create them as liabilities for themselves, their families and for the rest of the country.

Having neglected to take care of the emotionally challenged behavior of our children we pay a heavy price in physical, emotional and financial terms. This has a rippling effect on all society, no wonder our jails are full, our mental asylums are full, relationships are tense, divorce is rampant, debt is high and drug abuse is taking it's toll.

We have long been told that the three Rs of education are Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. All these Rs educate our intelligence and even though educating our intelligence has positive rippling effects on emotional intelligence; those with an unstable emotional intelligence have a different and extra set of educational needs. They need education that is specifically targeted to educating their defective emotional intelligence into becoming healthy.

The most vital and essential tool at our disposal to educate our emotional intelligence is our mind which is the most important part of our self. We need to educate every student's mind to the super mature emotional intelligence level. Yet unfortunately the mind is still a very fuzzy topic to the extent that even today we do not have the mind as a topic in High School psychology text books! Can we ever imagine the mess our emotional intelligence education is in; we do not even know what the human mind is so how are we going to educate it?

The problem is further compounded as we have to educate our mind with our mind. However it is not even as close to as complex as it seems. The mind has this beautiful property where the mind can focus on it's own self many times over. We can consciously observe our observing our mind, while aware that our mind is observing our mind many times over. One of the fundamental factors about the mind that we at the 4th R foundation have found is that our self image is the face of our mind. When we feel our self image we are feeling our mind. When we see our self image we are seeing our mind. When we know our self image we know our mind. When we understand our self image we are understanding our mind. When we deal with our self image we are dealing with our mind. So in order to fix our mind we need to fix our self image.

The next puzzle is what kind of self image represents the highest quality mind. This part of the puzzle has already been solved by our religious prophets. A humble and selfless self image is the manifestation of the super mature emotionally intelligent mind. It is what the Parsees call the Ahura Mazda in us; the Buddhists call the Buddha is us, the Hindus call the supreme consciousness, the Christians call the Christ in us, which in science terms is the pure humanness potential in us, the potential in psychology terms is to develop our mind/self/self-image/consciousness to the the super mature emotional intelligence level. In education terms our goal to develop the mind to the super mature emotional intelligence level specifically narrows down to educating and developing our self image to become as close to the self image less pure self, to the extent humanly possible.

We have discovered that the highest quality self image is the one that is selfless by a different and scientific route. We at the 4th R Foundation have quantified the mind and have found that at different levels of the brain/mind the self image quality is different as follows: (As the presidential election is coming close we would like to quote form our Wisdom Express, that was created before the last American presidential election)

As there are four levels of the mind there are four levels of human beings and four levels of leaders as follows:

a) Premature mind (-2)...a totally self centered brutal nature. Leaders that are stuck at this level manifest themselves as dictators and tyrants. At this stage of the mind the child considers his own self as all reality. In his mind he alone exists. One's own self is all that counts. Others don't count at all as they don't even exist. Leaders who are stuck at this emotional mind level consider themselves as all important and they build huge monuments to themselves and stash away money in illegal accounts neglecting and robbing the common man and the country. To achieve their own goals they abuse their power, commit atrocities and abuse human rights. Inspite of all the illegal wealth and power this mind level leaders are very insecure. They spend a disproportionate amount of money on their own and their countries security. For these leaders they alone are above the law and everyone else is below the law. Except for the very few cronies of the leader the rest of the country lives in
poverty and life remains a constant struggle. Many countries in the world are ruled by this -2 mind level leaders. We must wake up the world to their -2 emotional mind and its consequences.

b) Immature mind (-1)... an opportunistic nature that will break the law if the individual thinks that he can get away with it. At this stage of the mind level the teenager thinks that even though he has no power today his time will come and he deserves the best today. He will try to fulfill his lopsided dreams by hook or by crook. He considers himself as most important and will do everything to make it so if he feels he can get away with committing illegal acts. Leaders whose minds are stuck at this level are extremely corrupt. They build up illegal fortunes at the cost of the country and the common man. Most third world countries have this level mind leaders. Inspite of all the commerce and trade with the neighboring countries they still spend too much on defense neglecting real development sectors.

c) Mature mind (+1)... a responsible nature that respects the equality of all. At this stage the adult mind considers himself as first among equals. He still struggles to make the most for his own self. He works for his own family first. Leaders who are at this level of the mind work for their whole nation but more so for their
own supporters, their own party and their own vested interests first. When it comes to international relations they put their own country above all else. When President Bush places jobs above carbon emissions he is coming from this mind level. Most developed countries are in this category. They especially over spend on defense to remain first in military power at least in their own neighborhood. So called super powers and aspiring super powers try to expand the range of their defense powers by spending even more to show off power beyond their borders. They spend more than they need on defense but they spend enough on other sectors where the
economy benefits the whole country.

d) Super mature mind (+2) altruistic nature. At this mind level the mind develops to the highest level of emotional intelligence which is wisdom. The person considers himself as part of the whole human family. He considers everyone else as #1 irrespective of caste and creed, gender or economic status. Leaders who manifest themselves at this level genuinely work for the whole country and also try their best to help other countries. They don't help their own supporters above the opposition. They treat all alike with the same highest respect. For them all the people at large especially the poor are worthy of more attention and financial assistance so their priorities and policies focus on education, health, infrastructure and economic growth away from defense. Such leaders bring economic prosperity and real change in the lives of all the sections of society. The whole country becomes richer. Such leaders are truly altruistic and humble. All their spending is rational. Their priorities are equally focused on education, health, and infrastructure and defense and every thing in-between. This is the kind of leader every country needs every time there is an election. This is the kind of self images/citizens we need to emotionally educate to create a vast selfless society.

Thus -2 minds are criminals, thugs and mentally challenged self images. -1 minds are corrupt and opportunists self images. +1 minds are trophy self images. +2 minds are selfless and humble human beings.

Thus the goal of education is to create a subject that teaches the student to become one's self image less pure self.

It is the quality of the unconscious neural activity in the brain that determines the quality of emotional intelligence which determines the quality of the self image, thus emotional intelligence education boils down to emotional brain therapy.

It is about time to wake up to the actual realities of our true responsibilities as government leaders and educationists. We must introduce a new subject that actually alters our students emotional intelligence imbalance and makes them into emotionally stable students that are eager and ready to study.

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