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Biokript: The World’s First Hybrid Shariah-Compliant Crypto Exchange Platform

The future of crypto trading

The next generation crypto trading platform is the solution for today's crypto exchange centralisation.


FTX has recently announced that they are insolvent. Deposits, withdrawals, and funding activities would therefore be halted until further notice. It has occurred once more. Due to their betrayal of customers' confidence and improper management of their users' cash, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world has filed for bankruptcy. In the cryptocurrency sector, this has become commonplace. People put their entire financial resources on these exchanges only to lose everything as a result of centralizations engaging in dubious and ineffective business practices. It's been way too long since this began. People are tired and the cryptocurrency business has taken another blow. They want to invest but are apprehensive of losing all of their money one day. How can we fix this issue?

Biokript is the answer!

Biokript is the world’s first hybrid Shariah-compliant crypto exchange platform. Our goal is to provide a safe and efficient crypto exchange platform for all. Biokript will be employing Islamic mudarabah profit-sharing principles where all the profits are split proportionally to the amount of tokens held. This profit-sharing model is the perfect solution for many of the inefficiencies that are going on. In many centralized exchanges, there are manipulation tactics such as wash-trading where exchanges trade their own currencies in-house to drive up the trade volume. With the profit-sharing model, wash-trading would not work. Biokript does not deal in interest. Islamic law forbids any business that is interest driven so we take care not to implement any features that will allow for interest to be generated. Biokript takes this very seriously so we make sure to vet our tokens.

Not your keys, not your crypto

FTX and other large crypto exchanges have been engaged in losing and misappropriating users’ funds. This has been the cause of billions of dollars in loss of customer funds and the loss of trust within the crypto industry. Biokript’s exchange platform is the best solution to this problem. Biokript believes that the solution is a decentralized system in which customers self-custody their funds while also benefiting from the advantages of a centralized exchange. It is a hybrid system that combines the perks of centralization and decentralization. You don't have to worry about the status of your funds with Biokript because you hold them yourself. You also get added security on the exchange, such as 2FA, and you can be confident that only vetted tokens are listed.

“The cryptocurrency revolution started with a desire for decentralization where users are in full control of their funds,” said Adnan Alisic, CEO and founder of Biokript. “And with recent devastating losses by FTX and other centralized exchanges, Biokript will be the best option for all users who want to efficiently and securely trade while having full control of their crypto.”

Biokript is launching its hybrid exchange platform where we employ the best features of centralization and decentralization so all of our users are in full control of their own funds and operate in a safe and secure decentralized manner. This is all possible while having the ability to trade with an efficiency and sufficient liquidity of a centralized platform.

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