Ride With Jelenew and Get OneTreePlanted This Black Friday

Jelenew x One Tree Planted

Women's Cycling Apparel Brand Jelenew cycling wear

During the Black Friday event, Jelenew invites consumers to join the environmental conservation action.

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, November 15, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- American women's professional cycling brand Jelenew invites consumers to join the environmental conservation action. During the Black Friday event, every order made by customers at Jelenew will be contributed to the environmental charity.

To respond to the 7th year of the Paris Agreement and to call for the attention and resources of all walks of society , Jelenew, an American professional women's cycling brand, launches the "Black Friday, Green Friday" environmental conservation campaign during Black Friday. The event aims to work together with consumers to plant trees for One tree planted to protect the environment on which human beings depend, to convey the concept of green environmental protection, and to call for more people to pay attention to carbon reduction and ecological sustainability.

The "Black Friday, Green Friday" event will run from November 15 to November 28. Jelenew is committed to allowing consumers to contribute to the environment for every order completed on the Jelenew website during this period. In addition to donating to One Tree Planted on behalf of consumers, Jelenew will also donate 1% of its sales during Black Friday. This grant will be used by One Tree Planted to plant trees worldwide, and every dollar will help reduce carbon emissions and restore forestation.

Since the establishment of Jelenew, the brand has been on the path of striving to find various low-carbon emission and sustainable ways to to protect the environment. Starting from producing raw materials to reduce the environmental impact, we try to use recyclable packaging, green and natural ecological protection fabrics, renewable fabrics, etc. In design, Jelenew upholds the principles of environmental protection, recyclable fabric, and product durability and continues exploring ways to reduce environmental pollution.

"Jelenew just held a cycling event in Paris in October that advocates green life and low-carbon travel - Green cycling tour of Paris, and Black Friday would be a great opportunity to pass on the idea. Jelenew's purpose is to let everyone know and feel that their action could actually make an impact on this earth. In the future, Jelenew will be creating more opportunities for more people to join the enviormentally concious green movement and feel the impact we can make together as a community" said the founder of Jelenew.

It is reported that Jelenew has rarely offered discounts in the past. But to attract more people to join this environmental action, Jelenew will provide up to 50% discount to encourage consumers to help promote environmental conservation and reduce carbon emissions.

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