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Opening of the processing and packaging workshop "Mevahoi Hazorchashma" LLC in Devashtich district

TAJIKISTAN, November 14 - The Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, in the village of Hazorchashma, Devashtich district, put in commission a workshop for the processing, packing and packaging of rosehip and types of pinu (kurut) "Mevahoi Hazorchashma" LLC.

The "Mevahoi Hazorchashma" processing and packing workshop was completely renovated, modernized and equipped with the contribution of the domestic businessman Naim Khudoiberdiev.

The facility is located on the area of 432 square meters, and 10 people were provided with jobs and good salaries by commissioning of the workshop.

The workshop's production capacity is up to a thousand processed rosehip products in glass containers per day, and its annual capacity is equal to 36 thousand finished products.

In the equipment line, all the technological requirements of cleaning, washing, processing at a standard temperature, pouring, labeling, packaging are performed, and in this way, completely natural products are produced.

Assembly and installation of a set of technological equipment for processing, packing and packaging of the fruit is the opportunity to start the processing and packing of this natural and medicinal fruit of Tajikistan at the place of production.

Rosehip (khuch) is a beneficial fruit, and farmers, entrepreneurs and the population have been increasing the area of khuch plantations in recent years. This brings income to farms and the population, and with the establishment of such processing enterprises, the economic income increases several times.

In the farm "Mevahoi Hazorchashma" a garden of rosehip has been erected, and its harvest is fully processed in the workshop.

Also, processing and packaging of several other sorts of mountain fruits, medicinal plants and herbs has been carried out in the workshop. The cultivation of barbery, tutsan, oregano, sycamore leaves and more than 10 types of plants in total represent the wealth of the country.

Pinu (kurut) packing is another good opportunity to supply the market with natural animal products. In every village and locality of Tajikistan, kurut is prepared from cow's milk in a traditional way. Packaging and presentation of this product with an attractive appearance attracts more attention from the buyer. By introducing equipment, technologies and such methods, entrepreneurs establish industrial enterprises and contribute to the development of industry in rural areas. This is the effective implementation of the important strategic goal of industrialization of the country.

President Emomali Rahmon appreciated the entrepreneur's contribution to the establishment of the "Mevahoi Hazorchashma" processing plant and jobs. He recommended to increase such small and medium-sized enterprises processing agricultural products, fruits and natural plants. This is a factor of village development, promotion of population employment and profitability.

In the workshop, Head of State Emomali Rahmon got acquainted with the finished products of the enterprise, varieties of fruits, herbs and natural medicinal plants.

It should be said that the nature of Tajikistan is unique and now more than 1800 types of such plants are common and should be widely used for the health of the population. The attention of officials, specialists, entrepreneurs and farmers was drawn to the fact that these natural resources are processed and presented in the form of packages.