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Bassani Medical Executes Turnkey Production with GreenZone & AEssenseGrows for World Class Medical Cannabis in S. Africa

Bassani Medical Aeroponic Clone Canopy & Roots

Bassani Medical Aeroponic Clone Canopy & Roots

Bassani Medical GMP-GACP Greenhouse Facility Flower Week 4

Bassani Medical GMP-GACP Greenhouse Facility Flower Week 4

Bassani Medical Greenhouse 1st Flower Week 4

Bassani Medical Greenhouse 1st Flower Week 4

GreenZone & AEssenseGrows Discuss GMP/GACP Full Service Controlled Environment Design, Build, Train, & Transfer Methods at Cannabis Expo Johannesburg 2022

Greenzone delivered advanced facility, environmental controls, GMP/GACP standards, & AEssenseGrows provided state-of-the-art aeroponics, advanced training, perfectly on-schedule, on-site, & to plan.”
— Dr. Renske Snyman, technical & operations director, Bassani Medical

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2022 / -- Bassani Medical, GreenZone, and AEssenseGrows are announcing production fulfillment of their phase 1 business relationship with four greenhouses at 800 square meters of canopy. This initial production will deliver two metric tons per annum with full expansion to 12 metric tons by the end of 2023 (24 greenhouses and 3,200 square meters. The GreenZone/AessenseGrows GMP/GACP designs offer Drawings, Earth Works, Construction, Grow Equipment & Lights, Systems for Water Treatment, HVAC, Security, and Post-Harvest (Trim, Packaging, and Testing).

Bassani Medical is executing on a two-year investment strategy to become a dominant global supplier of premium medical cannabis flower, biomass, and extracts. “Starting with the highest quality and advanced technology requirements, we wanted to select premium partners to realize accomplished standards with highest confidence,” said Dr. Renske Snyman, technical & operations director, Bassani Medical. “Greenzone delivered our advanced facilities and environmental controls to GMP/GACP standards, and AEssenseGrows provided our state-of-the-art aeroponics engine and advanced training, perfectly on-schedule, on-site, and to plan. We are delighted with our position in the market,” concluded Dr. Snyman.

Visitors are encouraged to discuss Design, Build, Operate, Training, &Transfer (DBOTT) blueprints with Greenzone/AEssenseGrows at the CANNABIS EXPO 2022 in Johannesburg, South Africa from November 18-20, 2022. All joint platforms and services will be on display.

With existing greenhouse and indoor production customers in South Africa, GreenZone and AEssenseGrows have demonstrated domestic certification and global export deliveries to Europe and Australia. This new series of design combinations are optimized for fast business start-up, proof of results, and learning, to prepare producers for large scale commercial results, to achieve competitive production costs.

GreenZone has a demonstrated history as the leading crop management supplier in South Africa. Bringing expertise in GMP and GACP controlled environment agriculture certification, GreenZone understands production design execution from construction through environmental control and shipments. When combined with the AEssenseGrows AEtrium System and expert training, these advanced designs offer precision results with yields, potency, and unmatched profitability.

Jaco Lingenfelder, managing director, GreenZone, stated, “We have a proven track record of success with AEssenseGrows precision at South Africa customers and we are excited to optimize our relationship with Bassani Medical to enhance their production beyond world class. The merger of our design, construction, and GMP/GACP expertise with the AEssenseGrows aeroponic system offers superior precision control unmatched in the cannabis space to accelerate our joint customers to dominant positions in the shortest possible times.”

Michael Jorgensen, Managing Director, EMEA, AEssenseGrows, reflected, “GreenZone has been an exemplary partner with successful projects executed together. Our objective demonstrated here is to offer quick setup to demonstrate evidence while executing on the path to full production, GMP/GACP certification results, and full export.”

The AEssenseGrows AEtrium System delivers sensor-driven automation to execute the inherent benefits of aeroponics. The company's Guardian Grow Manager central management software monitors grow conditions 24/7 and, if needed, automatically adjusts key variables such as nutrients, irrigation, pH, temperature, or lighting to maintain optimal conditions.

About Bassani Medical
Bassani Medical is a vertically integrated medical cannabis cultivation and processing company established in South Africa using world-leading automated aeroponic technology. For more information, visit:

About GreenZone
Greenzone, established in South Africa in 1992, is a leading greenhouse manufacturer and agricultural product importer offering a wide range of crop management solutions to growers with international quality standards. We deliver expertise and innovation with our international suppliers and partners. For more information, visit:

About AEssenseGrows
AEssenseGrows (pronounced "essence grows"), founded in 2014, is a precision AgTech company based in Santa Clara, CA, USA. AEssenseGrows provides accelerated plant growth SmartFarm platforms and software automation delivering pure, zero pesticide, year-round, enriched growth to fresh produce and medicinal plant producers globally. With AEssenseGrows, you can precisely control your production operations at your fingertips from anywhere in the world. For more information, visit:

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