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Tune into Drucker TV for Leadership Insights from Top Management Experts

Drucker TV

Cultivating meaningful conversations with Drucker TV

Watch the free Drucker Forum TV broadcast for unique interviews with management’s best minds live on YouTube on November 17 + 18. Register now for full access.

Drucker Forum TV will feature unique interviews with management’s best minds including Rita McGrath, Gary Hamel, Jeffrey Sachs, Edgar Schein and many more.”
— Richard Straub, Founder, Global Peter Drucker Forum
VIENNA, VIENNA, AUSTRIA, November 1, 2022 / -- Every year in November, top management thinkers, CEOs and business leaders gather in Vienna. They present spectacular and thought-provoking ideas at the Global Peter Drucker Forum. This year, the team launches Drucker TV, a new online live stream for global audiences on 17 November 2022 and 18 November 2022. Drucker Forum TV will be available free to audiences globally to those who register. Want access after the two days? Registrants will also have access to replays.

Drucker TV will broadcast an inspirational mix of in-depth interviews with top speakers and impressions from the Drucker Forum in Vienna. Viewers can watch short clips from speakers and attendees on the "red carpet", live streams from selected sessions, plus Drucker Forum highlights from previous years.

Expanding on the theme of “Cultivating Meaningful Conversations", it will feature top thought leaders like Jeffrey Sachs (American Economist, Public Policy Analyst), Rita McGrath (Professor of Strategy, Columbia Business school), Adi Ignatius (EVP and Editor in Chief, Harvard Business Review), Julia Hobswam (Founder, Editorial Intelligence), Gary Hamel (Director, Management Lab) and Edgar Schein (former Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management)

The programming is aimed at students, academics, business managers and anyone interested in management and society. Drucker TV will provide advice, facts, exchange of experiences and solutions on how to lead teams in the current difficult times. It will inspire with ideas they can incorporate into their daily professional lives and give actionable advice for today's leaders.

Tune into the Drucker TV for free on November 17 and 18. Register now for access to the two days and later to video on demand. A certificate of attendance will be issued to those who participate in the full event.

As a bonus, the first 10,000 registrants qualify to win a chance for free access to the eWorld Marketing Summit, created by ‘father of modern marketing’ Philip Kotler, on Nov 6 and Nov 7, 2022.

Yavnika Khanna
Drucker Forum
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