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Conference on Men and Vulnerabilities

Conference: Men and Vulnerabilities

Conference: Men and Vulnerabilities

Five coaches from around the world come together to explore the topic of men and vulnerabilities.

BANGKOK, THAILAND, October 28, 2022 / -- Life Coach University proudly presents the upcoming conference titled “Men and Vulnerabilities” that will be held on October 31, 2022 at 9:00am Eastern US time. The host of this conference is Jackson Tan who is an Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, Mentor and Coach.

There will be four keynote speakers coming together to discuss and share their personal thoughts and experiences on this topic of men and vulnerabilities. Chris Weals, Jay Tiegs, Joon Kim and Bryan Peterson.

They will share what vulnerability means to them, how they know when they are vulnerable, what are the obstacles and barriers to showing vulnerability and reaching out for help. In addition, they will talk about how to get out of the frustration and negative states of not dealing with one’s own vulnerabilities and they will explore some of the difficulties that men experience in showing their vulnerabilities.

This conference is free to attend. Please go to to book a spot. Life Coach University is on a mission to coach millions more.

More about the host and the keynote speakers.

Conference Host: Jackson Tan, Entrepreneur, Wellness Advocate, Mentor and Coach

Jackson worked across APAC region, including a 14 years stint in Shanghai, China led him to become adept in navigating different cultural settings. This intercultural immersion eventually piqued his interest in diverse wellness practices, especially meditation, and led him on a personal journey to actively redefine his personal relationships with wellness and work, culminating in his desire to lead a more purposeful life.

Keynote speaker: Chris Weals, Relationship Coach

Chris works specifically with men on improving the quality of their relationships. Chris shared that one of the key success factors is the ability and willingness to be vulnerable, which leads to deeper connections and stronger, healthier relationships.

Keynote speaker: Joon Kim, Educational Consultant

Joon helps students and their families make informed decisions on matters of education. Joon is the son of immigrant parents from South Korea and he has been advising students from elementary to graduate students over the past 24 years. His extensive experience, continuing professional education and network ensures he is up-to-date on all trends and information. His past students appreciate most about his balance of candor, truth, and encouragement.

Keynote speaker: Bryan Peterson, Success Mindset Coach

In addition, we have Bryan who spent more than 30 years in the restaurant industry and ended up burnt out and unfulfilled. In the last five years of working in the personal development arena, he eventually narrowed in on the mindset side of things. He is fascinated with how the conscious and subconscious work together and how to change one’s self-concept.

Keynote speaker: Jay Tiegs, Certified High-Performance Coach

Jay is also a college professor, podcaster, speaker, trainer, and the founder of Do Hard Things Nation Apparel. Jay believes taking on complex challenges with persistence and commitment enables people to find great success in life. He holds the rank of Major in the U.S. Army and is a transitioning veteran with 27 years of service, both enlisted and as a commissioned officer. His mantra, "Do Hard Things," has enabled him to overcome many struggles in life. This shift in perspective allowed him to go from a directionless teenager who grew up in a fatherless home to a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Life Coach University is on a mission to coach millions more. Life coaches from around the world share their content on Life Coach University’s pay it forward platform. Dien Luu, Founder of Life Coach University invites anyone who attends the conference: Men and Vulnerabilities or watches the replay to go and pay it forward in kindness or generosity in any way they want. This can be smiling at friends, baking homemade cookies and sharing them, or donating an item to a charity shop.

Press release written by Jackson Tan.

Dien Luu, Founder
Life Coach University