DejaOffice PC CRM is a High-Security Contact Manager for the New iPhone 14

DejaOffice offers secure iPhone 14 sync

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Maximize your Productivity with DejaOffice CRM App for iPhone

DejaOffice PC CRM for your for your PC and smart phone

In an era where every change in service agreements means an erosion of privacy, people find a happy solution with a simple contact manager for PC and phone.

PORTLAND, OR, USA, October 10, 2022 / -- Security and privacy are paramount in many people’s minds as they upgrade to iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Max. DejaOffice CRM App by CompanionLink provides a secure Contact Manager with Sync to Outlook on your PC. In addition, DejaOffice supports color categories, week view, tasks and other features that are missing from other Apps. More importantly, CompanionLink does not derive revenue from advertising and provides business customers with a high-integrity environment for business.

“DejaOffice stores contact and calendar data securely on your iPhone 14,” says Mary Lyons, marketing director. “With DejaOffice on iPhone 14, people can safely share data from PC to Phone without worrying that their sync vendor will use their customer information for financial gain.”

Customers have been increasingly wary of Google, which profits from advertising and selling aggregated customer data. In addition, Microsoft has started placing advertising on Windows and Office products. Frequently updated privacy agreements lead to a lack of trust by customers that their privacy is being eroded as the tech giants create new ways to profit from their customers. DejaOffice stores data securely and supports sync systems that avoid any Microsoft, Google or Apple services to sync Contacts, Calendar, and Notes between other devices.

DejaOffice App on iPhone 14 has many features that people have associated with past devices like BlackBerry and Palm Pilot. For instance, any Contact or Memo can be marked private and hidden under password control. Calendar events are shown with colors and emojis to make your work more productive. There is a setting for Franklin-Covey style task management. CompanionLink has recently announced compatibility with and automatic sync with any Monday project board.

People can use DejaOffice to sync from Outlook, Act!, GoldMine, Palm Desktop, or DejaOffice on their PC. Sync methods include USB, Wi-Fi, and CompanionLink’s proprietary system called DejaCloud. DejaOffice supports thousands of customers daily to keep their iPhones updated with Contacts and Calendar. In addition, CompanionLink offers affordable costs, portable licenses, and US-Based telephone technical support.

CompanionLink products are also available with an optional $69 RunStart one-time setup or a $149 yearly Premium Support package. Both services allow a technician to remotely log into the user’s computer and configure it to their specifications. CompanionLink is simple to set up and use and is one of the few companies offering US-Based tech support.

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