Reno business raises awareness for rare disease.

“Healing Journey’s by Hall & Wrye” Supports Reno Family whose daughter, Athena was diagnosed with 8P

Hall & Wrye Plastic Surgeons is committed to recognizing and supporting 8P and the efforts of finding research that significantly impacts the lives of those affected.”
— Tracy Dufur, chief executive officer
RENO, NV, UNITED STATES, October 9, 2022 / -- Reno business, Hall & Wrye Plastic Surgeons and Aesthetic Treatment Centers, recently announced their newest project, "Hall & Wrye Healing Journeys," highlighting patients who are making tremendous strides to help the communities in which they live; the company's recent announcement spotlights a local Reno family whose daughter, Athena, was diagnosed with 8P in 2017. Hall & Wrye Healing Journeys launched in early 2022 to showcase their clients' positive impacts on the community. The project included a short documentary, mayoral proclamation, City-wide observance of August 8, 2023, as Project 8P Day, and efforts to raise awareness and inspire continued research. The current video is the second documentary installment in the companies series.

8p individuals are described as experiencing developmental delays, including the disordered acquisition of cognitive and social competence and delays in reaching developmental milestones.

Nearly 7,000 diseases and conditions affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans are considered rare in the United States. While each of these rare diseases individually may affect small numbers of people, rare diseases affect almost 30 million Americans, individuals, and families. Those affected by rare diseases often experience problems such as diagnosis delay, difficulty finding a medical expert, and lack of access to treatments and services. Chromosome 8p is a rare genetic condition with approximately 350 patients worldwide. A chromosome disorder typically impacts every cell a human body, and often the entire human system. Currently, science does not have the means to treat this condition.

“Our family is a group of over 350 #8pheroes that live worldwide, despite the differences, Chromosome 8p shares many similarities. We are all hard working individuals that average 1,500 hours of therapy a year and at least 1 doctor visit every month. Just like most people, we deserve to enjoy every opportunity that life has to offer," Amber Howland, mother and Reno business owner, explains.

Project 8p’s research is vital to accelerate the discovery of treatments for chromosome 8p disorders through a translational research program and provide a unified community for chromosome 8p heroes for a meaningful life today while accelerating treatments for tomorrow.

While the public is familiar with some rare diseases and sympathetic to those affected, many patients and families affected by less widely known rare diseases bear a large share of the burden of funding research and raising public awareness. Many rare diseases are serious and debilitating, significantly impacting the lives of those affected.

“I am so happy that Amber and her family have found a home in the Project 8p Foundation community. Amber has been vital to our patient-led mission by volunteering to chair the Patient Leadership Board and we are eternally grateful to her and Athena's labor of love, says, “Bina Shah, Founder of Project 8p.

The documentary is an effort for the local medical community to support the search for treatments and bring awareness to the 8P Project and rare diseases that affect thousands of patients and caregivers, medical professionals, researchers, medical companies, nonprofit organizations, and others.

“Hall & Wrye Plastic Surgeons is committed to recognizing and supporting 8P and the efforts of finding research that significantly impacts the lives of those affected," says Tracy Dufur, chief executive officer at Hall & Wrye Plastic Surgeons. "We want to ensure that these families have every opportunity to feel supported and appreciated. That's why we're involved with this."

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