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How a self-service data analytics platform can become a gamechanger for SMEs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 3, 2022 / -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Business Intelligence Platform Clicdata talks about how end-to-end data analytics and Business Intelligence (BI) platforms can provide retailers with visibility of and control over their various data sources. During the pandemic, when online amounted to almost 34 per cent of total retail spending, vendors were pressurised to digitalise as many of their processes as they could in a relatively ad hoc manner. Now, however, that the pandemic has been curbed, they feel the need to re-evaluate their processes and get back to the drawing board to design a consistent digital strategy. In the meantime, with the emergence of self-service BI platforms, the use of data analytics tools has ceased to be the privilege of the biggest companies and non-technical employees are also able to use them without IT’s support.

Self-service BI platforms can enhance business performance in a number of ways. By connecting different sources of data such as e-commerce platforms, websites, social media ads and PoS, marketing, sales and financial data can be consolidated into a single dashboard and offer up-to-date, actionable insights. Business intelligence so gleaned can go a long way in streamlining operations by offering data-based guidelines on which areas can bring the highest returns on marketing investments or how customer acquisition costs and delivery times can be reduced. ClicData’s business intelligence tools are a gamechanger as they bring all the benefits which previously only big companies could afford to SMEs too.

To learn more about how retail can harness Business Intelligence, read the article.

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ClicData is a leading end-to-end data platform designed to unleash the power of Business Intelligence and improve decision-making. Its cloud-based platform enables businesses to seamlessly connect, manage, analyse, visualize, and share any data from any source with teams or clients. Tools that ClicData’s platform offers include data integration and analytics, data visualisation, white label Business Intelligence and data sharing.

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