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Patrick Zarrelli Unveils New Cutting-Edge Website for SFL.Media

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Patrick Zarrelli has unveiled a new cutting-edge website design for SFL Media while changing the way the media business works.

Patrick Zarrelli’s incredible business acumen and progressive foresight have led to the creation of one of the most revolutionary media firms in existence today.”
— Harrison Stone
FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA, USA, September 13, 2022 / -- Patrick Zarrelli has launched a new cutting-edge website design for SFL Media while developing a sophisticated business model that was pioneered by the likes of Jeff Bezos and the Washington Post.

Unlike other media sites, SFL Media isn’t funded by advertising. When you look at almost any media or news website, it’ll be riddled with ads that make for a subpar reading experience at best. While also making the company beholden to its advertisers for income. Some modern news websites have full-out paywalls that only allow members to read the news of the day. At SFL Media we power and fund our online news division by selling our technology services to other businesses in need of high-end tech support and digital marketing. As such our news division is funded by technology much like the Washinton Post is funded by Amazon sales.

The SFL Media website is unfettered by the displeasing collage of ads typical of other media sites because it’s wholely funded by its technology services. By making its money through the sale of technology services like web design, web development, website security, social media management, and more. SFL Media is independently funded which means it has no need for obtrusive ads or paywalls at all. This also means all their news is completely free for readers online and always will be! This tech-funded news model makes more sense and works better in the modern media ecosphere than selling useless banner ads that sit behind a paywall.

In creating a media powerhouse that doesn’t rely on banner ads for money, Patrick Zarrelli has built a modern masterpiece of a media site that reports the news without cluttering its posts with ads or blocking potential new readers with a paywall. With its unique variety of services, SFL Media is wholly independent of any advertisers, as its technology services cover the costs of the news division while also making the company ultra profitable. One of these main income drivers is website management plans that the SFL Media technology team sells to other businesses. In these website managmenet plans, SFL Media takes care of the business's website, social media, technology, and online ads. So that the business owner can focus on what they do best, running their business!

It’s time for a new kind of media site, it’s time for sustainable free news online, and that time has come with Zarrelli's new business model of tech service-funded news. SFL Media is a harbinger of a newer, more modern model for media sites around the country. It also represents a new model for how the news can be reported in the digital age, while remaining profitable, without depending on advertisements to stay afloat. This new paradigm also benefits the SFL Media sales team since tech services are easy to sell and produce better, longer lasting, clients than advertising sales do.

In summary, Patrick Zarrelli’s incredible business acumen and progressive foresight have led to the creation of one of the most revolutionary media firms in existence today. That firm is SFL.Media and they are "internet genius for hire" with a massive free news division, instead of a marketing department. Because when you write the news, you don't need to buy ads from other news companies! When asked about his modern business model for SFL Media. Zarrelli said "In the future all news organizations will be set up this way. I'm just the first person to put it on paper."

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