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American Quality Manufacturing Standards (AQMS) To Replace ISO's Foreign Standards

America First Matters!

AMCA's pro-American quality standards recognized as an the country's patriotic alternative to ISO 9000 and its series of standards

American manufacturers do not want to follow global standards, they prefer standards that puts American manufacturing first.”
— Don LaBelle, AMCA Founder

HOUSTON, TEXAS, USA, September 9, 2022 / -- AMCA, an independent developer of quality standards for the U.S. manufacturing sector is turning heads nationwide and abroad. According to Michael Baretti. an AMCA spokesman in Houston, the company can barely keep up with demand for its American Quality Certification as a replacement to foreign standards developed by the International Organization of Standardrization (ISO).

AMCA, founded in Boston, the birthplace of American War of Independence, is on a mission to liberate U.S. manufacturers from all foreign over-sight related to quality management certification. Baretti said AMCA is boldly taking a pro-American stance to quality certification, challenging what he alleges to be a 'New World Order' disguised as 'global standards' to gain control over American commerce, specifically in manufacturing.

AMCA founder Don LaBelle said quality standards are best utilized when customized for a specific industry, company and market. “Cookie-cutter Global standards mostly harm a manufacturer's innovation, quantum leap growth, and its willingness to challenge the status quo of its industry,” said LaBelle. He concluded, “AMCA's pro-American standards was developed to certify manufacturers meeting quality guidelines and requirements related to operational efficiency, environmental-friendliness, leadership and performance ratings.”

About AMCA
AMCA (, is the American alternative to foreign standards developed by ISO (International Organization of Standardrization). AMCA is the only recognized developer and certifier of pro-American quality standards specifically for the U.S. manufacturing sector and related services. The company proudly and boldly remains independent from all foreign oversight bodies and organizations with anti-American views and/or a 'global standards' agenda. AMCA is branded internationally as the 'Gold Standard of American Quality.'

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