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Commercial Photography Expert Explains Why Professional Images Are Still Important For Businesses

Morning sunrise photo of Corpus Christi Bay in Texas, USA taken by Creative Director and Photographer Matt Pierce

Morning photo of Corpus Christi Bay in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Skyline of the medical district in Corpus Christi, Texas by photographer Matt Pierce Route Three Productions

Christus Spohn Hospital in downtown Corpus Christi, Texas USA (Editorial Image)

A low angle image captures more detail and image in this supermarket marketing image by Matt Pierce, photographer Route Three Productions

The interior of a natural foods supermarket chain in Corpus Christi, Texas

High quality photography is an important asset. When it comes to expenses that are absolutely worth it, professional photography should be at the very top.

If your website contains a lot of pictures but no proper descriptions or keywords then the chances of your product being found are seriously diminished”
— Matt Pierce
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, USA, August 30, 2022 / -- One commercial photography company in Texas is doing their part to educate business owners about the importance of quality photography for their business. In a world where the value of a photo seems to have been diluted, many business owners are taking matters into their own hands and taking the DIY route as the preferred method of choice. Worse yet, they are hiring inexperienced and untrained people with cameras to handle what is perhaps the most important aspect of running a business--appearance.

Matt Pierce is the Creative Director for Corpus Christi, Texas based commercial photography company Route Three Productions. Matt works with clients not only to educate them on the importance of commercial photography, but help them understand the theory and methods behind an effective image. In the era where the common thought process is that video is replacing photos, Matt says that agencies are still calling demanding more photos than ever because they still recognize the importance of what a great photo really portrays.

"Business owners tend to think that photos are expendable," says Matt. "But the reality is that the giant companies out there are not putting their eggs totally into the video basket and you shouldn't either."

Matt says that the most important part of his job is client education.

"We try our best to educate our clients about every aspect of commercial photography because most of the time they have no idea why they are spending this kind of money on photos," Matt says. "They don't really understand lighting or composition. They don't understand the importance of a background or set-up. Worse, they don't understand the importance of metadata and how to use keywords."

Matt says that even while popular social media platforms "scrub" metadata from pictures, it is vital that images used for websites and advertising have the right keywords and descriptions in order to be found by search engines.

"If your website contains a lot of pictures but no proper descriptions or keywords then the chances of your product being found are seriously diminished," Matt says. "If that image doesn't match the description or the keywords and image name are mismatched then a business cn actually do more harm than good for themselves."

Matt says that they proved that in their own website.

"We did that ourselves where we used to just put pictures up on our website but we quickly realized that was just not enough to make the grade in terms of search engine optimization," Matt says. "As a business owner you have to be deliberate with your photography strategy and really focus in on the details that people see and even more on the details that people never see."

Ad managers seem to very much agree with Matt on the philosophy. Key managers at some of the largest firms in the world say that photos are helping businesses meet brand challenges by using aggressive creativity.

"It takes a lot to be marveled in this day and age," Matt says. "Consumers have seen it all before and heard it all before so you have to be ready to think broad, aggressive, tactical, and bold in terms of photography."

Matt says that the most important part of a photo campaign is focus on telling the story differently that everyone else. Matt's love for the outdoors and nature is seen throughout his campaigns and throughout the work that he does with Route Three Productions. He believes that incorporating more of the outdoors and nature is something that consumers can relate with.

"People want new, they want fresh and they want that connection," Matt says. "But they also want it told to them in a different way than they have seen before."

Matt also points out that business owners aren't the only group of people who need to up their photography game.

"We see more and more local governments and tourism groups making the same mistakes with photography," Matt says. "Sadly, they try and use gimmicky flash or poor quality cameras to capture these beautiful images for travel magazines and marketing purposes and it just never really works out like they want it."

Matt says that many local governments are wasting taxpayer dollars in order to work locally or save a few dollars on the front end. He says the problem is cultural.

"You can't expect people to really want to visit your city or region if you re showing them the same thing that they have seen over and over again," Matt says. "Tourism and marketing experts within local government and chambers of commerce have to be equally as smart as a business owner when it comes to photography and capturing the desire and attention of a consumer or decision maker."

Matt says that a key area of focus for he and his team at Route Three Productions is understanding the goals of their client and doing research on how they can tell the story from a new, fresh and different point of view.

"You can't simply just rely on ideas and concepts that have already been seen or done," Matt says. "You have got to really mix proven strategies with fresh presentation or it just isn't going to work."

As the peak ad creation season approaches and as the holidays get ready to ramp up Matt reminds business owners and local governments alike to rethink their photography game and become educated on new and innovative approaches on how to reach customers.

"You're asking people to spend their time and their money with you," Matt says. "That is a big ask and just like we want you to trust us, you have to earn the trust of your clients by putting out a quality and accurate image that tells your story uniquely and accurately."

Matt and his team a Route Three Productions says that while they are based in Texas they do serve clients around the world.

"If your business or organization needs help we are here," he says.

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