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Kounotori descends on Bitmart

Kounotori Token Logo

Kounotori Logo

Kounotori Token Exchange limited Share Information

Kounotori Exchange limited Share Information

Kounotori token being listed on Bitmart

Kounotori being listed on Bitmart

A growing and supportive community secures a well-deserved listing for a low cap altcoin gem

Kounotori Token (UNI:$KTO)

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, August 28, 2022 / -- The majority of cryptocurrency projects aim to publish their token on a centralized exchange from day one, and Kounotori Token is no different. The CEO, CFO and CMO, (Adrian, Yoan and Martin), had established milestones in place for securing listings on Lbank, Bkex and Bitmart at a $10 Million, $15 million and $25 million Market Cap, but the community had other ideas.

A member of the Kounotori community contacted Bitmart and was successful in arranging up a meeting between the developers and the exchange to secure a listing, provided they were able to raise a certain sum of money, which was set at $35,000 USD. A donation wallet was created as a result of this activity and m Before the deadline of August 1st, members of the community banded together to raise half of the necessary amount, or $17,500, in order to secure the listing.

For the other half of the remaining sum, Kounotori Token's CEO made a statement: “First of all, I'd like to thank you all for your donations. I never expected we would reach such high goals, you all surprised me a lot. I'm proud of our community, it's a great effort that still continues.” he went on to add, “For every 1000 dollars donations, we will gift a Company Share. This is a unique opportunity to be part of the KTO Exchange LTD company.”

Less than six hours after the announcement, the remaining funds were donated, securing the listing.

This leap forward in securing the listing will surely increase the visibility of Kounotori Token in the cryptocurrency world and solidify its position as a trustworthy project for existing and prospective investors. Bitmart allows spot trading, otc trading, and USD trading, has a daily volume of around $2 billion, over 9 Million daily users, and is rated 29th in centralised exchanges on

Kounotori Token debuted on the Ethereum network on the 3rd of December 2021 and has a fully doxxed development team, numerous security mechanisms, and manipulation-resistant tokenomics. With the assistance of Tech Alchemy, the world's #1 Blockchain Agency. (source:, the Kounotori development team is developing a centralised exchange (CEX) with a staking platform in which the Kounotori Token will play a prominent role by offering the most considerable returns in a stablecoin such as USDT/USDC.

The project's centralised exchange (CEX) intends to provide low-cost listings to KYC-approved projects of all sizes, which does not currently exist in De-Fi. The Whitepaper for Kounotori asserts, "adopting elements of centralization into Kounotori would be essential to our longevity as a serious and competitive contender in the currently oversaturated cryptocurrency market."

The Whitepaper goes on to explain the project's ultimate objective: "Our dedication to ensuring its security, stability, and ability to provide sustainable staking returns for our holders for years to come, and we are confident that this strategy will propel us towards our goal of becoming one of the biggest centralised exchanges in the De-Fi space."

To learn more about Kounotori Token, go to the Website or join the Telegram or Discord.

Kounotori Token is currently trading at $0.000000004274 with a daily volume of $11,958 and holders 2,053 as of press time.

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