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King of the Universe Space Club launches NFT art collection inspired by the brilliant and brash billionaire, Elon Musk.

ATLANTA, GA, USA, August 17, 2022 / -- He's brilliant, brash, known for saying outlandish things, and now he's the inspiration for a unique NFT art collection. The King of the Universe Space Club is a 5,555 NFT collection that pays a humorous tongue-in-cheek homage to billionaire innovator, Elon Musk. The collection features a wide variety of elements that reflect Musk's life and style. Each King of the Universe Space Club NFT is unique and features a combination of almost 100 different traits including expressions, clothing, backgrounds, accessories, and more. Virtually every element of the collection is based on something Musk has done, said, or tweeted.

The King of the Universe Space Club NFTs – or Elons as they are called – feature businesses, ideas, products, and Hollywood appearances Musk is known for. As an example, Musk once tweeted that he should buy the Coca-Cola company and return the beverage to its original “medicinal” recipe. He also pondered buying McDonald's and fixing all the notoriously broken ice cream machines. Many of his sometimes quirky ideas find their way into the NFTs via unique t-shirts, hats, backgrounds and more. Most recently, he jumped into financial and cultural controversy with an offer to purchase Twitter. That acquisition is now tied-up in litigation. Beyond Tesla and Twitter, the collection showcases other Musk-driven businesses, including Space X, PayPal, and Zip2. Musk fans will notice small details in the NFTs such as a clock reading 4:20 that appears in some of the Elons, a reference to one of his better-known podcast appearances. From cowboy hats to Duff beer baseball caps to Solar City hardhats and his Wario costume from SNL, virtually every element of the collection highlights an aspect of the unconventional, sometimes provocative, but always compelling genius’s life.

“Much like NFTs themselves, Musk exists on the cutting-edge of technology,” explains Vince Coyner, the creator of the collection, and the artist behind the physical paintings featured in some of the NFTs. “He's a fascinating character for many people. If he were just a great businessman I don't think we'd be talking about him as much as we are. It's his eccentricities, his boldness, and his unconventional approach to pretty much everything that most often makes headlines. He's one of the few people I can think of who could inspire a collection of 5,555 different and unique NFTs. We all know he’s not really the king of the universe, but he certainly dominates most areas he gets involved in. This is a fun way of showcasing that.”

Along with owning a unique King of the Universe Space Club NFT, Elon owners have the chance to win a variety of Musk-related prizes, including a pallet of Coca-Cola, $500 worth of McDonald's ice cream, and two physical paintings from those featured in the collection. When the King of the Universe Space Club collection sells out, one randomly chosen Elon owner will win a brand new Tesla.

The website will also feature a virtual Elon Musk dunk tank that will raise money for charity.

The King of the Universe Space Club is expected to launch in September and is currently allowing those interested in being first in line to join the whitelist or allowlist, which guarantees an opportunity to purchase prior to the public launch.

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