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Where is the job market heading? And what degrees can keep up with employment trends? has the insights students need… (Image credit: serg3D, Getty Images Signature, Canva Pro License)

The jobs and college majors that will provide the greatest job security in the age of automation

DENTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 / -- The job market is constantly shifting especially with the rapid advancements in workplace technology. Today, workers are experiencing more pressure than ever. But which jobs are most future-proof? And which college degrees lead to these jobs?

Today, students need crucial insights into the degree fields and jobs that resist automation and hold the most future promise. meets this need with two essential guides:

20 Future-Proof Degrees College Students Should Consider

20 Jobs of the Future: Careers To Consider With the Rise of Automation

“A crystal ball can’t help you anticipate the job market, but AcademicInfluence can. With our insider knowledge of higher ed, several trends are clear, and we want to help students and graduates develop a career plan that anticipates advances in technology and shifting workplace needs,” says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and Wake Forest University professor of physics. “Because of the interdependence of a college major and subsequent career trajectory, we believe these degree and career lists offer insights that can assist students in making smart educational and professional decisions.”

Each entry in the list of top 20 future-proof degrees covers the following essentials:

• Projected 10-year rate of growth from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)
• Overview of the degree field of study
• Types of jobs available to the bachelor’s degree holder in this field
• Reasons this degree is future-proof
• Job market analysis for workers with this degree
• Websites to watch for students with this degree
• The top-ranked bachelor’s degree programs in this field

For the top 20 future-proof careers list, each entry provides details for the following:

• Recent BLS data for median salary, job growth rate, and the projected number of new jobs created by 2030
• Overview of this career
• Reasons this career is future-proof
• Websites to watch for this career
• The top-ranked degree programs related to this career

Knowing the best degree programs associated with future-proof jobs and fields of study is essential for maximum success.’s proprietary InfluenceRanking Engine technology—innovative machine-learning technology developed for DARPA—measures the influence of students, faculty, and alumni associated with their colleges and universities. By analyzing massive data sources such as Wikipedia, Crossref, Semantic Scholar, and Wikidata, the InfluenceRanking Engine creates a numeric score of the impact people associated with schools have within their academic disciplines, thereby identifying schools with rich histories of developing influential scholars. Students gain access to the most objective and trustworthy rankings available to help in their search for a top college or university that fits their needs.

“College can be an enormous expense, and to get the greatest return on their academic investment, students need to consider whether their anticipated field of study will still be in high demand by the time they graduate,” says Macosko. “We want to equip students with the best possible information to make informed decisions about their future. Visit our site to see more on how we assist students in reaching their academic—and career—goals.” is the preeminent, technology-driven, academic rankings site dedicated to students, researchers, and inquirers from high school through college and beyond. See the About page for further details on the unique capabilities and advantages of its ranking technology.

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