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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, August 17, 2022 / -- The latest from STARRS is provided below.

STARRS is pleased to announce that effective 15 August, former Lt Col Matt Lohmeier, United States Space Force Squadron Commander and author of the best-selling Irresistible Revolution: Marxism’s Goal of Conquest and the Unmaking of the American Military has been appointed Director of Operations for STARRS. Matt’s duties will include management of all of STARRS operations including media, education, and outreach and will also entail liaison with other organizations including the national media and the Heritage Foundation.

In welcome news for freedom loving Americans everywhere, a U. S. District Court judged has temporarily halted adverse action against thousands of Air Force and Space Force members with religious conscience objections to mandatory COVID 19 vaccinations. STARRS is raising funds to aid those with objections to the vaccine and who need financial aid. For those who wish to help in this noble cause, please visit our website below and use the donate button. See the full story about the court injunction at the link below. STARRS applauds this action to protect Air and Space Force personnel and Air Guard with verified religious exemption requests pending from having adverse action taken against them. It is STARRS’ view that the Covid 19 vaccine mandate is a violation of individual religious freedom rights under the 1st Amendment and a violation of individual rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

STARRS Media Interviews: Links are at the end of the press release.
• Matt Lohmeier interviews former Top Gun instructor pilot persecuted by the Navy for his religious objections to the vax mandate policy. July 19, 2022.
• Lt Gen Rod Bishop, KOA Radio Colorado, on wokeness in the military and the academies. July 21, 2022.
• The U.S. Air Force Academy disgracefully fires champion coach and Gold Star Widow over the vax mandate, The Rob Maness Show, 26 July 2022.
• USA BETRAYED: Committee on the Present Danger: China. Hosted by Frank Gaffney. Panel includes an all-star panel of Lt Gen Rod Bishop, STARRS co-founder and Chair, Board of Directors, Col Rob Maness of the Rob Maness Show and STARRS Board of Advisors member, and Elaine Donnelly, Founder and President of the Center for Military Readiness and STARRS Board of Advisors member. August 9, 2022.
• Lt Gen Rod Bishop, Reel Talk with Audrey Russo. Audrey Russo, August 10, 2022.

Published Articles: Links are at the end of the press release.
• Football and the Honor Code Collide at the United States Air Force Academy, Scott Sturman, MD, American Thinker. July 21, 2022.
• The United States: Most Racist Nation Ever? - American Thinker, Brent Ramsey and Mike Pefley. August 1, 2022.
• Racism In America Is Vanishing: The Facts! - Creative Destruction Media, Mike Pefley and Brent Ramsey, August 7, 2022
• NBA Covid Vaccine Study Shows DoD Vaccine Mandate Likely Unnecessary and Should Be Dropped Immediately, Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, July 22, 2022.
• US Medicine Is Not Structurally Racist, But Woke Medical Leaders Want You to Think It Is – Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, July 26, 2022.
• US Medical Organization Partisanship in The Abortion Debate Will Harm Americans – Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, July 31, 2022.
• Shame On The CDC. Call Monkeypox What It Is – An STD – Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, August 7, 2022.
• To Maintain Political Neutrality, The White House Physician Should Resign Immediately – Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, August 9, 2022.
• Let Us Not Become Weary (In the Pursuit of Truth), Creative Destruction Media, John Hughes, MD, August 12, 2022

Corrected STARRS Newsletter Edition 21 (

In back-to-back interviews, Dr. Jason Hill, Honors Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, DePaul University and author of 5 books including the ground-breaking What Do White Americans Owe Black People in the Age of Post-Oppression?, a powerful and insightful book that everyone interested in race in America should read and reflect on. An immigrant with a few dollars in his pocket 37 years ago, Professor Hill can attest to the American dream being alive and well for those willing to work hard and persevere against whatever residual racism that might still exist in America. Hear Dr. Hill’s candid assessment of a failed and captured academia to the far left that wants to remake America and by doing so, destroy her. Dr. Hill’s insight into how false values attached to race itself is a major impediment to millions who needlessly struggle to get ahead by clinging to a failed racism model and its acolytes.
Episode 13 – The Intellectuals – Professor Jason Hill – CD Media (
Episode 14 – The Intellectuals – Professor Jason Hill – CD Media (

STARRS is working in concert with like-minded organizations and individuals to strengthen fidelity to the U.S. Constitution and to educate about the harms caused by radical and racist ideologies in our society and military. Organizations that we are actively working with at this time include:
Center for Military Readiness
Heritage Foundation
Flag Officers for America
Restore Liberty
Judicial Watch
For Kids and Country
Center for Security Policy
The Calvert Group
Truth for Health Foundation
E Pluribus Unum
Turning Point USA
Seeking Education Excellence
American Islamic Forum for Democracy
West Point Class of 1960
Real Clear Defense
1776 Unites
Conservative Partnership Institute
Hillsdale College
Rob Maness
Take Charge Minnesota

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