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The Strength of the Nation

Author Luisa Plancher expresses her support for making America great again in her book "The Strength of the Nation"

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- In making a nation great, it is important to improve its strength, which, for some countries, is nothing difficult.

And for Luisa Plancher, this is true for the United States, but many of our citizens are not willing to recognize it yet.

She writes her sentiments regarding this in her book "The Strength of the Nation," which was published in October 2017.

"The Strength of the Nation" is a religious and political take on America’s approach to international conflicts.

There is no diminishing of a problem in the book, but there are some hard truths that not many are willing to swallow.

Ashley, an Amazon customer who has read the book, says, “I think Plancher’s writing is suitable for anyone except the extremely nonreligious

"The Strength of the Nation" is unbiased. And it is an insightful treat in which Luisa explains how God is important in a political conversation, especially in the US.

After marrying an American citizen, Luisa Plancher moved to the United States and earned her degree in Political Science.

She then started working as a social worker and made a career out of it.

As a published author now, her book, "The Strength of the Nation," is available on Amazon and YouTube.

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