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Essex couple scoop £52,500 timeshare compensation following M1 Legal court action ( case M1 917/2019)

Just one of a flood of victories the Spanish legal team have achieved on behalf of British timeshare victims this month ( case number DAR09/06/2016/408COC(Ince)

Fernando. "ECC filter for the strongest cases so that we maintain our almost 100% success rate.”
— Fernando Sansegundo

LONDON, OXFORDSHIRE, UK, August 8, 2022 / -- Legal heroes. M1 brings home another huge win -Jubilant British couple receives windfall award of over £52,500
( case number DAR09/06/2016/408COC(Ince)( case M1 917/2019)
July successes
This past month has brought another avalanche of victories against rogue timeshare companies in the courts for Malaga firm of lawyers M1

Legal. The timeshare law specialists have won all 31 of the cases finalised during July 2022, bringing over four hundred and forty thousand pounds in compensation to illegally sold members of resorts throughout Spain.

Andrew and Connie (names changed) from Witham in Essex were among M1's winning clients this month. Not only are they free from the burden of their maintenance fees, but they have been awarded a life changing £52,236 in compensation from Club La Costa (CLC). There were many other huge compensation recipients, including Leicester couple Sean and Ann (names changed) who were awarded a cool £43,609.

Illegal timeshare sales?
Timeshare resorts in Spain (and sometimes elsewhere) have been disregarding protective consumer laws and issuing illegal contracts for over 2 decades. They literally ignored the law, because they wouldn't make as much money if they obeyed it. This means most people who bought timeshare in Spain have illegal contracts and are entitled to compensation. The resorts believed that foreigners would not have the legal knowledge or patience to challenge them. But in 2016, legal pioneers M1 Legal began taking the fight back to the timeshare companies. Currently they have a 98.6% success rate in timeshare compensation cases.

Worst offenders
"This month was fairly typical in that the biggest M1 successes were against Club La Costa, Diamond Resorts Europe, and Anfi Del Mar," says Fernando Sansegundo, head of M1 Legal. "These three resorts, while by no means the only culprits, have been prolific in the amount of illegal business they have written since 1999.

"Just this month, since the beginning of July we have won over £287,000 in compensation awards against Club la Costa. We have also won more than £69,200 against Anfi Del Mar, and £44,644 against Diamond Resorts Europe. DRE have not even been trading in Europe for several years. They were bought out by Hilton a couple of years ago, and they are still paying the price for their previous contempt for both their customers and the law.

"Andrew and Connie have been rewarded for their courage in challenging their resorts behaviour. M1 Legal have not only achieved their £52,236 compensation win, but will almost certainly secure the couple simple interest and legal fees too.

Do I have a claim?
Right now the Spanish courts are coming down hard on timeshare companies who took advantage of consumers by issuing illegal contracts. "The courts have run out of patience," says Sansegundo. "Europe's biggest resorts are being forced to pay compensation on an unprecedented scale. The financial drain is forcing most of them to close down."
If you have bought a timeshare after 1999, you are likely to be owed compensation. However contacting M1 Legal directly is not an option. "Because of the volume of enquiries, M1 works together with Europe's leading timeshare claims firm, European Consumer Claims (ECC)," explains Fernando. "ECC filter for the strongest cases so that we maintain our almost 100% success rate. If you want to understand your options or have questions about the process, get in touch with ECC for a free, no obligation consultation."

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