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Employees Want to Find a Win-Win Solution When Resolving Conflict at Work

Conflict Resolution Styles at Work: 2022 Survey Results

Conflict Styles at Work: 2022 Survey Results

Niagara Institute for Professional Development

Niagara Institute

Niagara Institute survey reveals how professionals approach conflict resolution in the workplace

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 3, 2022 / -- Conflict is bound to happen in the workplace. So, the real question isn’t if conflict will arise but how conflict is resolved when colleagues disagree. Niagara Institute, the industry leader in relevant and practical professional development for everyday leaders, assessed the conflict management styles of professionals and uncovered that 59.8% of those surveyed reported using the collaborating conflict management style when resolving conflict at work.

To gather these results, Niagara Institute administered a conflict management styles assessment and studied the responses from 716 participants from (March 2022 to June 2022). The assessment was completed by participants from 36 countries, with the highest participation rates among those in Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

“There is a perception that conflict at work should be avoided at all cost for the negative effects it can have,” said Niagara Institute’s Executive Director, Gavin Brown. “However, our survey indicates the majority of professionals are not looking for a fight; instead, they approach conflict resolution intending to collaborate to find a mutually beneficial solution, which can lead to better decisions and outcomes.”

Additionally, when a disagreement does arise between colleagues, the professionals surveyed said they’re focused on restoring harmony as soon as possible.

“It is great to uncover that professionals approach conflict with the intentions of collaborating on an outcome and restoring harmony with their peers,” added Gavin. “Yet, without the right tools and skills to resolve conflict at work, the best intentions going into conflict resolution may not result in the outcome everyone desires.”

Companies must consider building soft skills such as listening, empathy, and collaboration in their employees to ensure when conflict at work does happen; it will be resolved positively. By doing so, leaders and workers alike will be better equipped to reflect, debate, negotiate, and work together to find win-win solutions.

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