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The Tntra Podcast presents insights from Bruce Mau, Dilip Asbe, and other global experts

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Episode 1: Innovation and Societal Progress with Bruce Mau

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Episode 2: The Holy Grail of FinTech

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Episode 3: The Holy Grail of FinTech - IndiaStack and Beyond

From Innovation to FinTech to New Economy, the podcast covers a host of topics, technologies and trends.

…the Tntra Podcast is quickly becoming a forum of exploration for innovators across all industries, where we engage with practitioners and domain experts that bring decades of global experience…”
— Mehul Desai
ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 / -- The newly launched Tntra Podcast is already making its waves in the innovation and entrepreneurship community. The podcast was launched a couple of months back and has since received a positive response from its audience. Industry experts and global practitioners in Innovation, Design, Technology, FinTech, HealthTech, New Economy, and more take center stage in the podcast. They talk about their journey and offer valuable insights in their respective industries.

The podcast is hosted by Mehul Desai, the Co-founder and Chairman of Tntra. Mehul connects with industry experts to explore their views on how innovation and technology will change the world. Mehul is an innovator and successful serial entrepreneur who has been deeply entrenched in the global ICT and FinTech industry for 30 years, and effectively each episode becomes a lively discussion on his and the experts worldview, providing a different perspective on the world we live in and the future we can build for ourselves.

In the first episode of the podcast series, Bruce Mau, CEO and Co-founder of Massive Change Network talks about the interconnectedness of life-centric design and innovation. Bruce and Mehul also discuss how innovation impacts societal progress.

The second episode focuses on Mehul Desai’s journey of 30 years in the FinTech industry. Mehul also presents his thoughts in this FinTech podcast on what he considers to be The Holy Grail of FinTech.

The third and the latest episode of The Tntra Podcast is filled with valuable insights from Dilip Asbe, MD and CEO of National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Dilip talks about the different phases of FinTech in India. Mehul and Dilip discuss how the Indian FinTech landscape is changing and what startups should do to become a transformative force in the industry, working alongside regulators to deliver sustainable solutions for consumers.

Each podcast is supported by a whitepaper that outlines the topic in detail. Both the podcasts and whitepapers are available on the Tntra website at

The podcasts are also available on Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Google and all other major platforms.

About Mehul Desai:

Mehul has done pioneering work in the field of secure, personalized transactions, with focus on finance, retail, healthcare, consumer, and government services, evolving from the Digital Wallet, to a Mobile Wallet to Lifestyle Containers and upcoming Digital Money technologies (DeFi CBDC). Mehul has over one hundred issued patents mainly in the areas of secure financial transactions and IoT.

Mehul founded C-SAM, a global technology-provider for secure mobile commerce and mobile payments, which was acquired by Mastercard Worldwide in 2014. Mehul founded PEaaS, a product-engineering-as-a-service provider, which was acquired by Finablr in 2019. Mehul was on the board of Medici and its first outside investor; Medici was acquired by Prove in 2021. Mehul is on the board of Swych and is an advisor to Strong Force.

About Tntra:

Tntra provides software services and product engineering to partners – from new economy startups to large corporations – around the world. We have the necessary infrastructure – virtual to support global customers across different time-zones, and real along with an open-incubator style co-working facility. Tntra brings over two decades of experience in global software product engineering and innovation, along with all the resources – human and technical – to entrepreneurs and enterprises who want to successfully deliver in the constantly evolving digital world.

Mehul Desai
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