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World-Class Barber and Founder Arthur Rubinoff Disrupts the Barbering Industry With The First Barber Museum in NYC

Arthur Rubinoff Founder of NYC Barber Museum

NYC Barber Museum Gives Clients Complimentary Shirts

NYC Barber Museum is Bringing Back The Vintage Look

Master barber and celebrity groomer reveals his desire to pursue his father’s legacy and admiration for barbering history.

I want to bring back the vintage look even earlier than the 50s to give that social club feel. I designed the entire museum myself. I wanted to create a homie feeling for my visitors and clients. ”
— Arthur Rubinoff
NEW YORK CITY, NY, UNITED STATES, August 2, 2022 / -- To discover the true purpose in life, one must go through adversities and gain wisdom from failures. It is a requisite for those who are brazen in chasing after success and passionate in honoring the past that shaped today's landscape. Arthur Rubinoff, a fourth-generation barber and founder of the NYC Barber Shop Museum is a brilliant depiction of a hardworking entrepreneur, a loving son, and a compassionate visionary who strives to make his clients feel confident and winsome using his incredible skills.

Back in the city of Fergana, Uzbekistan, he was once a young boy who witnessed his father's journey in barbering. Being the first barber to introduce the ‘wash and cut’ trend in their hometown, Rubinoff spent his childhood tending to his father’s barbershop. At nine years old, he propped up on a pedestal that his father specially built for him, doing wash and blow dry to return customers and new clients. Years later, the entire family immigrated to the United States to start a new life; his father quickly adapted and opened a barbershop in Astoria, where Rubinoff performed his first haircut on his father at fourteen years old. Decades later, he continued his late father’s legacy by recreating the unique botanical hair and treatment products developed by his father in Uzbekistan. He also showcased the colorful history of the barber by opening a barbershop museum in 2018.

“Do you know why we live 24 hours a day? We spend eight hours sleeping, another eight hours working, and the rest are spent educating ourselves and helping others,” explains Rubinoff. As a master barber, he has a burning desire to teach people how to become barbers and elevate their careers to world-class. He partnered with the prestigious ZavoMedia PR Group, a PR firm based in New York City that supports his vision of amplifying the significance of barbers throughout history. In this interview, Rubinoff shares powerful lessons to catalyze those who yearn for success and fulfillment in any industry.

Liana Zavo: What was the inspiration behind the barbershop museum?

Arthur Rubinoff: In 2006, I promised to open a barbershop museum to honor my father and show my respect to all barbers in the world. The barber's history is unknown to many; it has a rich and fascinating story everyone must see. My father told me to respect the past because we won’t have a future without it. He had a small collection of artifacts like manual clippers and old scissors; I collected more over the years. However, I worked on it quietly because it’s inevitable to have naysayers undermine my plans. My advice is to keep the idea, accomplish it, show it to the world and then talk about it; surprise them with results.

It's an honor to be one of three physical barbershop museums worldwide and a pleasure to teach those passionate about becoming world-class barbers. We offer royal haircut packages for VIPs for an authentic experience in an environment surrounded by historical memorabilia. Meanwhile, curious eyes can enter the museum without paying a fee but can make contributions instead.

Liana: What is one thing you’ve learned from your father that you still carry with you today?

Arthur: He taught me patience, kindness, and innovation. We need to learn from past mistakes and be more patient with ourselves. The same goes for business. Knowing how to take care of it is crucial because businesses carry our souls. He taught me to put back 10% as a form of investment which kept our barbershops in mint condition after all these years.

The idea of the mobile barbershop first popped up when I visited my father at the hospital. I noticed other people growing beards and longer hair, meaning there were no barbers in the area. It finally came to fruition when the pandemic happened. It was a way of giving back to the community by offering free haircuts to homeless people, precisely what my father had taught me.

Liana: That's amazing! What inspires you to take action every day?

Arthur: It's like repeatedly watching the same movie: you always find something you missed. Whenever I go to work, I think of new ideas that keep me excited. I mix concepts and change the theme periodically to make the museum an exciting place to visit all year round.

Liana: What makes your museum stand out from other barber museums throughout the U.S?

Arthur: There is no competition. Well, I want to bring back the vintage look even earlier than the 50s to give that social club feel. I designed the entire museum myself. Whenever I design, I start from the floors and go up, but this time I went in the opposite direction. I decided to start from the ceiling and create a unique architectural style. Gold never goes out of style, so I designed the moldings from 24k leaf, and the walls are made from a specific wallpaper that gives it warmth and a living room feeling. We spend more time at work than at home. It's important for me to create the right energy and vibration when designing. I want to provide a homie feeling to the environment of my museum where visitors and my clients can enjoy themselves.

Rubinoff remains grounded and focused on enhancing his brand to keep his customers happy. "I believe in hard work and give credit to those who deserve it," he says. His life story proves that success comes to those who are patient, humble, and hardworking. "We came into this life for a reason; therefore, we should make the best of it." Make your next stop to see the NYC barber museum to experience the vintage and unique look.

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