Dr Manjit Pope one of UK’s leading rocket scientists & Eric Sundby, Exec. Dir. of the Space Force Assoc. attend FIA'22

Dr. Manjit Pope

Eric Sundby, SFA Executive Director

CAMBRIDGE, CB1 1AH , UNITED KINGDOM, July 19, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Dr Manjit Pope, President of the UK Global Space Force Association and Lang Eric Sundby (Eric), Executive Director of the Space Force Association, will attend the Farnborough International Air show this week in Hampshire, UK. They will meet with international delegations, key individuals and businesses involved in aerospace development, space exploration and those interested in international space commerce, to discuss the creation of a World Space Organisation.

Dr Pope is one of Europe’s leading female rocket scientists and executive leaders in Space commercialisation. She has an impressive leadership, science, technology and aerospace background. Dr Pope, helped establish and then led as CEO, the UK’s Space IGT with a continued career helping develop and lead trailblazing national innovation and growth strategies. She is a recipient of UK’s Innovation and Growth Chairman’s Award for her achievements as an Inspirational Woman in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) an industry trailblazer empowering future generations.

Dr Pope is a future systems technologist leading major national transformational organisations and their programmes spanning across aerospace, space, security, and defence to establishing stronger partnering in and across government, industry, financial conglomerates, and academic institutes, leading the commercialisation of international transformations in aerospace, space, and defence sectors internationally. Manjit became the first and the youngest female systems engineer to work on Eurofighter.

She also led UK corporate affairs making her mark on organisations such as BAE SYSTEMS, one of the world's largest defence organisations, and with her work at Aerospace Security and Defence, the Aerospace trade body of Europe, leading technology development and international collaborations for the military, commercial and business aircraft, including the Airbus A320, A321, A330, A350, Boeing 787, Bombardier Global 7500, Tornado and Eurofighter. In addition, her work with The World Trade Organisation in developing the international commercialisation of space, and the blue print and development of India's Ministry of Defence's Centre of Process Excellence.

Eric Sundby’s expertise includes running an international non-profit that assists in the restitution of stolen, valuable cultural art pieces. He is a former aide to a member of the U.S. Congress and a liaison between the Space Force Association and the U.S. Congressional Space Force Caucus. Mr. Sundby has multiple degrees in economics and global security. Sundby currently serves as the executive director for the Space Force Association. "I am very excited to be working with Dr Pope. Her contributions to the aerospace and space industry are impressive. I look forward to woking with Manjit to expand the global aspect of our organisation as well as attending the Farnborough International Air Show and meeting others interested in collaboration and advancing the future of space exploration and development." Eric Sundby.

Dr Pope stated, "I am very honoured and excited to lead the efforts for the Global Space Force Association in the UK and to help develop additional partnerships with corporations to extend our international outreach.” Dr Pope continued by highlighting the importance of space exploration and its long-term benefits. "The next ten years will be essential in building an international partnership for exploration in defence of our planet. At Global SFA, we will also look at how space science collaboration is helping us understand, and take action against climate change, research opportunities, and develop new technologies. Because space exploration stimulates significant global investment and international partnerships, and because of its extremely challenging nature, demands the development of cutting-edge technical capabilities. It provides unique opportunities to address some of the global challenges facing society today. When nations work together on challenging space missions, this promotes international cooperation beyond the realm of space. No activity on Earth matches the unique challenges of space exploration. The first fifty years of space activity have generated benefits for people around the globe, and renewed investments in space exploration will have similarly positive impacts for future generations."

For more information on the Global Space Force Association, contact Dr Pope: manjit.pope@ussfa.org

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