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Turning Failure into a Resource with Jutta Jerlich

Life Coach University July Conference on "Turning Failure Into A Resource"

Life Coach University July Conference on "Turning Failure Into A Resource"

Looking at failure in our lives on an even more personal level uncovers insights and lessons that are worth more than gold.”
— Jutta Jerlich

VIENNA, AUSTRIA, July 15, 2022 / -- Jutta Jerlich is an educator and mentor who specialises in helping people grow their ideas into products, services or movements. Her 16+ years of teaching and mentoring engineering students proves that executing your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit is not as easy as it sounds, especially when it is about overcoming frustration that comes with anything that did not go the way we wanted. Unfortunately people rarely talk about the shame, the guilt, the frustration or the despair caused by broken trust, a loss of investment or, in the worst case, lost lives.

Join her upcoming conference at Life Coach University. The conference is free to attend. She invited five brilliant keynote speakers: Chris Weals, Jackson Tan, Lani Kim, Nancy Sawyer and Norma Frahn. Together, they will break the taboo and openly speak about their stories we tell ourselves about failure. They will speak about how you can get over the emotional waves that hit you when we think we are a failure. In fact, failure has nothing to do with our identity but all to do with a process of learning, an ability to sustain or to be who we are. By building the right foundation in our lives we are able to stay present in the moment and learn from every little detail. We can step away from the thoughts that keep us stuck in a state of guilt, shame, and disconnection from the world.

This conference is for those who want to better understand how failure can be turned into a resource. You are invited to attend the online conference to learn about how the keynote speakers experienced failure in their daily lives and at what exact point they could turn it into their resource. This powerful change of perspective can help you navigate challenging moments on our journeys.

The conference will be on Friday July 29, 2022 at 9:00am Eastern US. This conference will be recorded and a replay will be available.

RSVP at to get your free ticket.

Living our creativity deeply connects us with being human and the quest for meaning in our lives makes it even essential for our health and happiness. Asking the question about what we can learn from a certain situation turns everything upside down. It is Jutta´s mission to help everyone to create space and time where they can let their creativity flow while using mistakes that happen on the way as a need to adjust, adapt and reorient.

Looking at failure in our lives on an even more personal level uncovers insights and lessons that are worth more than gold. Contrary to what we learn in school and experience in our work environments, change, error, mistakes and setbacks are part of every development process. Learning to develop the ability to turn failure into your resources is a skill and key factor for surviving and thriving in any situation.

Jutta has been on an entrepreneurial pathway ever since she can remember. Because it makes her feel alive she is fast to invest time and resources into a new idea that aligns with her values. She calls herself a business partnership failure expert because she experienced it more than once. Of course, everything new that has not been done before has at least a 50% chance to fail. The risk that a business partnership fails is 80%. Because we can not see through people, every new partnership is the same challenge. Jutta`s experiences made her experiment with how to prepare differently, be ready for the break-up or doing extra loops before you get into a new one.

Jutta used her experiences as a learning vault and created an event series and workshops around the topic of using failure as their resource, nested in the context of collaboration and co-creation. Today Jutta uses her values as a filter to initiate partnerships in her own entrepreneurial journey and mentors others by sharing her 25 years of experiences openly to support people in recognizing or avoiding pitfalls you will encounter.

More about Jutta Jerlich:
Jutta is a native Austrian and global citizen working with people from all sets of life. She loves nature walks and enjoys gardening. She is an expert in designing environments where creativity flows and people feel safe to allow new ways of thinking.

More about Life Coach University:
Life Coach University is on a mission to coach millions more. Life coaches from around the world share their content in PIF Talks™. PIF stands for Pay It Forward. Dien Luu, Founder of Life Coach University invites anyone who attends this conference or watches the replay to pay it forward in kindness or generosity in any way they want. This can be smiling at your friends, baking homemade cookies for your neighbour, planting a fruit tree in your garden, or donating an item to your favourite charity shop.

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