Former Leaders of ODG & MDGuidelines Launch Provider Ranking System™ to Find High Performing Providers for Workers' Comp

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High-performing physicians reduce Workers' Comp costs by an average of 20%. Provider Ranking System™ ranks providers by experience for each procedure.

There are two primary decisions that can significantly improve workers' comp outcomes [with EBM]: (1) Pick the right treatment (that is what ODG does, now ODG by MCG); and (2) Pick the right doctor”
— Phil Denniston, Co-Founder of ODG and President/CEO of Denniston Data Inc.
CORPUS CHRISTI, TX, USA, July 15, 2022 / -- The founders of ODG, Phil Denniston and Pat Whelan, have launched Provider Ranking System™ (PRS) from Denniston Data Inc. (DDI). In this effort they have been joined by Jon Seymour, MD, as Medical Director of the new company. Dr. Seymour was formerly the President of the Reed Group Guidelines, under his leadership launched as MDGuidelines, ODG’s competing EBM guideline vendor, which also owns the ACOEM Guidelines. Now these creators of the extremely impactful guidelines business have come together to solve a new challenge in workers’ comp – medical provider selection. Together, over the last few years, they have overseen compilation of a database of Provider Ranking information based on actual experience data along with cost information for specific medical procedures, repeat rates, and outcomes, along with the appropriate tools to access valuable insights.

High-performing physicians reduce WC costs by an average of 20%

Analysis of data over a five-year period shows that physicians who have high scores in producing superior medical outcomes also reduce medical costs by an average of 20 percent. Previous studies have shown that treatment by these physicians also cuts indemnity costs. Specifically, using high-performing surgeons improves results in workers’ comp. They reduce costs, litigation and improve recovery for injured workers. When employers focus on better medical outcomes in WC, the result is less time away from work and lower overall claim costs. (PRS)

According to Phil Denniston, co-founder of ODG, “There are two primary decisions that can significantly improve workers' comp outcomes: (1) Pick the right treatment (and that is what ODG does, now called ODG by MCG, using EBM); and (2) Pick the right doctor (using the same transparent, evidence-based methodology that ODG uses).”

Said Dr. Jon Seymour, Medical Director of DDI and former President of the Guidelines for Reed Group, “While no single product can cover all the ground needed to make informed treatment decisions, PRS covers a critical portion of this enormous information spectrum, which can be used alongside evidence based medical guidelines, such as MDGuidelines, ACOEM, or ODG. Workers’ comp outcome-based providers can help injured workers get better and save money for the employer.”

The centerpiece of the PRS model, supported by numerous published studies, is that providers with the most experience achieve the best outcomes, without complications and repeat procedures, so patients get better faster and return to work, saving on both indemnity costs and medical costs. Whereas other doctor finder services compile ratings less relevant to the clinical results, PRS lets users discover the most important details about providers’ clinical practices by drilling into the largest-available database of performed and billed medical procedures.

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