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While the “No Surprises Act” Failed to Hold Up in Court, Denniston Data Inc (DDI) Makes No Surprises Pact with Americans

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DDI Provides Public Free Access to Providers' Average Billed Prices, by Procedure, from their CMS Data Lookup Tool at

It strikes one’s emotions as almost contrary to the Hippocratic Oath that such forces would exist to prevent consumer protection from surprise medical bills.”
— Tom Denniston, DDI Account Executive
CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS, USA, March 2, 2022 / -- Just released last week was news that a Texas judge ruled in favor of the Texas Medical Association’s challenge to the Biden Administration’s September 30, 2021, “No Surprises Act.” U.S. District Judge Jeremy Kernodle wrote, “The Court determines that the Act unambiguously establishes the framework for deciding payment disputes and concludes that the Rule conflicts with the statutory text.”

Tom Denniston, Account Executive at Denniston Data, verbalizes the feeling, “It strikes one’s emotions as almost contrary to the Hippocratic Oath that such forces would exist to prevent consumer protection from surprise medical bills.” This would typically be reason to lose hope trying to plan a stable future despite high deductibles, occasional out of network care, surprise medical bills, and even hospitals suing their patients to collect on them, like the plethora of medical centers doing so (37% in some states), as mentioned in Marty Makary, MD, MPH’s 2019, The Price We Pay – NYTs Best Seller and Business Book of the Year. One can’t even go to a nonprofit for refuge from price gouging and the lawsuits that follow. “According to American Medical Association's journal, JAMA. Five hospitals accounted for over half of all lawsuits — and all but one of those were nonprofits.”

But there is still indeed hope. Provider Ranking System (PRS) by Denniston Data Inc. started in 2020 as exclusively a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) company. But, in January 2022, DDI announced it also created a Complimentary Consumer Portal for the public; no subscription, no login, as free as Google!
Using CMS data, PRS can be used to look up American providers’ average billed prices through Medicare, by procedure, for any service rendered over ten times in a recent year. But how many providers accept Medicare? According to, “A whopping 93% of primary care physicians accept Medicare – just as many who take private insurance.” Not only that, but CMS has the largest database in the world of actual medical procedures, or 45% of healthcare costs in the entire U.S., and that is far more than any one health insurance company.

So what else is provided in this PRS data tool?
• Based on frequency, how each provider ranks compared to their peers doing the same procedure(s)
• What percentage of the time was a procedure done as a repeat on the same patient
• Average amount charged per procedure vs. amount CMS approved and the provider accepted
• Top 5 Comorbid Conditions they treat
• Risk score of patients seen
• Proprietary Composite Ranking Score of each provider, as well as their MIPS score
• Each provider's patient age/gender/race demographics percentage
• Physical office address of every provider
• And even more…

Check it out at or click on “Try our Complimentary Consumer Portal” hyperlink at the home page of Links to instructional demos can be found both on our YouTube channel,, and at

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