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Which colleges & universities in each state exemplify academic stewardship—the measure of a school’s effectiveness in providing for, and guiding students to, academic success despite more limited resources? now offers this valuable new metric…

A new metric for effective education, Academic Stewardship measures a school’s benefits to students and brings fairness to college and university rankings

DENTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2022 / -- Many college students today face financial or personal challenges on their way to a college degree. Some schools rise to help their students meet these challenges better than others. Until now, there have been no metrics for determining how effective schools are at helping students make the most of their educational opportunities. In a series of eye-opening 2021 podcasts, author Malcolm Gladwell identified this as a glaring omission from traditional college rankings. agrees with Gladwell about the need to acknowledge schools that excel in Academic Stewardship—the measure of a school’s effectiveness in providing for, and guiding students to, academic success despite more limited resources. In March 2022, the national ranking of colleges that exemplify academic stewardship received national attention and praise from education journalists across the country and from the schools featured in the article. Noting state differences, received many requests for state rankings using this academic stewardship metric.

Today, releases academic stewardship rankings of colleges & universities for each of America’s 50 states and the District of Columbia:

Best Colleges & Universities by Academic Stewardship in Each State

“The Gladwell reporting reinforced something we knew: schools that excel in the area of academic stewardship don’t get enough attention,” says Dr. Jed Macosko, academic director of and Wake Forest University professor of physics.

“It’s why when other ranking sites maintained the status quo, we took action. We wanted to show a better measure of excellence: the smart use of an institution’s resources through committed investment in students who need more from their school. And since so many students need the kind of effectiveness a top school in academic stewardship can provide—along with the many benefits of attending an in-state school—we expanded our previously released academic stewardship rankings to look at the top schools in every state.”

Schools with strong academic stewardship are those that:
• Emphasize education over amenities
• Value character over prestige
• Avoid “spoiled-student syndrome”
• Prioritize learning outcomes over rankings
• Emphasize development over talent and achievement alone

Each ranking, whether state or national, includes details on the college or university listed, covering tuition and fees, acceptance and graduation rates, student body size, median test scores, and fields of influence. Students can also now use the new Favorites feature. Just click the heart icon next to any school to save it and request follow-up information.'s proprietary InfluenceRanking Engine technology—an innovative machine-learning technology developed for DARPA—measures the influence of students, faculty, and alumni associated with their colleges and universities. By analyzing massive data sources such as Wikipedia, Crossref, Semantic Scholar, and Wikidata, the InfluenceRanking Engine creates a numeric score of the impact people associated with schools have within their academic disciplines, thereby identifying schools with rich histories of developing influential scholars.

“ continues to innovate and pioneer new resources and tools to help students discover their best options for higher education,” says Macosko. “Not only do we address a glaring need for measuring academic stewardship, we offer the largest directory of College Admissions Counselors on the web to help students find the help they need to succeed, including a wide variety of premade college rankings, and Custom College Rankings so students and their families can make rankings based on what matters to them. Visit us to see why more students are finally finding what they need at” is the preeminent, technology-driven, academic rankings site dedicated to students, researchers, and inquirers from high school through college and beyond. See the About page for further details on the unique capabilities and advantages of its ranking technology.

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