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Housing O2 Launches Capital Campaign to Establish Private Fund for Workforce Housing Projects

private business developing workforce housing

Workforce Housing Development Business

Investor candidates who gain a second benefit from successful development of workforce housing

Targeted Investor Candidates for Workforce Housing Development Fund

Local employers are challenged to recover from COVID without housing for their workers.

We are targeting ‘stakeholders’ who stand to benefit from the success of the Fund in addition to the return they may earn on their investment.”
— Karl Dakin, CEO, Housing O2 LLC
CENTENNIAL, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, June 30, 2022 / -- To provide funding needed for development of workforce housing projects, Housing O2 is raising private money into the HO2 Acquisition & Entitlement Fund LLC (the ‘Fund’). The Fund will provide scarce pre-development financing to a series of workforce housing projects of Housing O2 LLC. The Fund is a single component of an innovative system to capitalize housing construction resulting in home ownership by low-income, full-time workers. This segment of the housing market is called the ‘missing middle’ because nearly all 'affordable' housing programs fail to enable home ownership for the people who work at our local businesses.

The United States is experiencing a workforce housing shortage disaster that is preventing employment and hindering economic recovery resulting in higher poverty. A lack of housing is particularly acute in rural communities, resort areas and communities of color. The National Association of Realtors estimated that over 5.5 million new homes are needed to address this shortage.

If fully capitalized, the Fund may be able to support development of over 300 new housing projects during the next four years that may result in over 15,000 new workforce housing units with a projected market value of $3 billion. The construction of these units will not only put a roof over the head of workers but enable them to build wealth through home ownership. Public private partnerships with local employers and communities will result in new housing and drive economic activity.

‘Unlike most capital campaigns targeting angel investors and private equity funds,” said Karl Dakin, CEO of Housing O2 LLC, “we are targeting ‘stakeholders’ who stand to benefit from the success of the Fund in addition to the return they may earn on their investment. Stakeholders include worker associations, employers, landowners, vendors of construction products/services, manufacturers/fabricators of housing, utilities, local governments, housing programs and financial institutions. Each of these organizations stands to gain monetary and non-monetary benefits that may be greater than any return on investment we could possibly pay.”

Housing O2 LLC is engaged in the development of workforce housing projects to provide needed housing for full-time, low-income workers and enable local communities to recover from COVID. Financing provided by the Fund will be used to acquire or option land ownership, obtain government authorization to build residential homes (single family, multifamily and mixed use) and to arrange collaborations leading to new homes and greater employment.

The capital campaign is restricted to ‘accredited investors.’

Karl Dakin
Housing O2 LLC
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