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Netsooon Seeks to Create Safe, Secure, and Trusted Social Media Networks

How Netsooon Group will be revolutionizing social media platforms

BUDPAEST, HUNGARY, June 26, 2022 / -- New social media networks will emphasize safety, user verification, and privacy for both teenagers and adults

The last decade has seen a staggering increase in reports of cyberbullying, acts of violence, and racist content stemming from social media sites. This has led to a dramatic rise in psychological trauma and depression throughout the population but especially in children and young adults. Currently, social media sites and cyberbullying are considered top drivers of childhood depression, anxiety, and low-self-esteem.

As a response, The Netsooon Group has announced a new social media network to create a safer and more transparent space to connect online. The new social media networks will be launched in Europe, Netsooon and the young adult-focused Netsooon Jr. will be revolutionizing how social media platforms verify user identity and monitor potentially dangerous and violent content.

Netsooon and Netsooon Jr. were created with the goal of bringing people together on a trusted social networking site where users can feel safe and not be exposed to content that could cause psychological or physical harm. To do this, Netsooon has built a social media network with safety and security at the heart of its user experience.

All Netsooon social media networks contain:

● An end to anonymous users and bots.
● Content monitoring by leading A.I. and machine learning technology as well as human review.
● Parental controls.
● Integrated educational resources
● State-of-the-art server technology.

The Netsooon Group is confident that as more people search for a social media network that is more humane, secure, and understanding, they will find a place within Netsooon and make it one of the top and most trusted social media networks.

About Netsooon Group
Netsooon Group ,100% owned by The Barthelemy Tech Group, is a leading technology firm based out of Hungary. They focus on machine learning, artificial intelligence, and application development, and they have been building Netsooon for more than three years.

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