Power Couple Content Creators Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson Release Their Debut Album "Blessed By Grace" On Juneteenth

Blessed By Grace by Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

Blessed By Grace

Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, June 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Busy body content creators Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson, also known as "GRACE", have been spreading their wings to new horizons with their album "Blessed By Grace". The album was released on Juneteenth as an expression of love and freedom. Conceived from a happily married couple that practices veganism and born on the newly recognized Juneteenth, "Blessed By Grace" is a long awaited love child ready to conquer the regular matrix.

With both creators at the forefront, their vision is clear and their sound is refreshing. The album should come as no surprise though, as both creators are well known for their love of music. Gabrielle Reyes is a singing chef, established as "One Great Vegan" where she hosts an engaging cooking show geared towards vegan foods. She sings her recipes as she makes her delicious entrées. Ace Anderson has previously released music on all platforms and has performed numerous shows. He is also a very competent graphic designer, actor and film producer. Among their many talents, music is just one way these two stay connected.

At this point of their careers, "GRACE" is ready to take on the challenges of being independent artists. With "Blessed By Grace" those challenges may be easier to hurdle due to their life changing sounds and messages. The album is filled with refreshing flavors of love and passion. They certainly met the challenge of quality in their project and rested any concerns of their ability to create a body of work that can touch the soul. The couple refused to ride the waves of mainstream flow, as you won't find a popcorn style 2 minute track; not including the intro. Instead, they simply crafted ideas and energy into a joy that you can hear. Going against the grain of the main is always challenging, but it also better defines them as artists. Creativity is an artists super power and they wielded it with royal stature.

"Blessed By Grace" will be a game changer for most people. It's a 10 track album full of black excellence. As we celebrate Juneteenth and its symbol of freedom, this album comes as a soundtrack for the people. These positive vibes come from a married couple that loves each other deeply and trusts each other to conceive a project that sounds like their souls and aspirations. Gabrielle Reyes and Ace Anderson make an amazing couple and duet together; their music is timeless and mood changing. You can download and stream "Blessed By Grace" on any of your favorite streaming platforms. Stay tuned for new videos, live performances and interviews on their social media and websites.

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Visit here for the debut album "Blessed By Grace" https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/gabriellereyesandaceanderson/blessed-by-grace

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"Blessed By Grace" by Gabrielle Reyes & Ace Anderson