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The Long Walk to Freedom—From Toronto to Ottawa

Sindh Long Walk in Canada

Long Walk from Toronto to Ottawa

Sindhis Call Attention to their Oppressed People in Pakistan

it’s a historic and its one of kind in Canada. It’s to build bridges between Sindhi people and international communities"”
— Tom Kmiec Member of Parliament of Canada
OTTAWA, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 13, 2022 / -- On June 15, leaders of the Sindhi community from Canada, the United States and the UK will reach Parliament Hill in Ottawa after walking over 424 kilometers from Toronto to raise awareness about the oppression of the Sindhi people of Pakistan.

Sufi Laghari, Executive Director of the Sindhi Foundation in Washington D.C., hopes that because of their concern for human rights worldwide, Canadians will speak out about the ongoing attacks on Sindhis, their culture and their environment by the government of Pakistan.

Dileep Ratnani, President of the Canadian Sindhi Association, said: “The Sindh region of Pakistan is suffering from a severe water shortage. There is not enough drinking water for people and farmers cannot cultivate rice or cotton which they must do to survive. The Pakistani government must address this water crisis now.”

The Sindhi leaders condemned the forced conversion of young Sindhi girls from Hinduism to Islam, which is rampant in the Sindh region. In March a young Hindu girl in Sindh was assassinated for refusing to marry a Muslim man. The government has done nothing to protect young girls from being abducted and forcibly married.

During the Long Walk for Freedom, the Sindhi leaders passed through Pickering, Peterborough, Madoc, Perth and Nepean on their way to Ottawa. All along the way, Canadians came out in force to support the Sindhis and learn more about their unique culture.

The Honorable Tom Kmiec, a Member of the House of Commons who represents Calgary Shepard, will address the rally on June 15 in Ottawa. Mr. Kmiec is a long-time supporter of the Sindhi people, saying Canada should tie aid to Pakistan to an improvement in the country's human rights record. He has called attention to arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances, torture, extra-judicial killings and political repression carried out by Pakistani authorities in Sindh.

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Sindhi Foundation - Walk For Freedom Greeting - Tom Kmiec, MP Canada