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New Political Thriller Makes Case for Arms Control

Author Joe Rothstein

Political thriller of 2022

Best new thriller

War is no longer war. It's suicidal madness. And that's how we must think of it.”
— US President "Tenny" Tennyson

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, June 9, 2022 / -- An unusual political thriller that makes a case for worldwide arms control has been named by the prestigious Pacific Reviews as "a must-read political thriller for 2022."

The novel is "The Moment of Menace." Its central character, U.S. President Isabel Tennyson, a Latina-American heiress, spends billions of dollars of her personal fortune on a campaign to rouse people throughout the world to demand an end to nuclear weapons and other high tech instruments of warfare. The campaign includes an international telethon to gather a billion names, mostly from those living in nations that deploy such weapons.

"Tenny," as the world knows her, arranges an international television broadcast to make the case for disarmament. In her speech she points out the difference between past wars and the destruction that would occur with the weapons of modern science and technology.

"There was a time when wars were fought only on battlefields and only among those armed for combat," she says. "Now all of Earth is a battlefield and every living man, woman and child and all of God's creatures are at risk from weapons I and others could launch at the press of a button. Worse, that a robot could launch, or a technical mistake could launch, and hundreds of millions of us could die. War is no longer war. It's suicidal madness. And that's how we must think of it."

"The Moment of Menace," is the third novel by author Joe Rothstein featuring President Tennyson. His first was titled "The Latina President." It was followed by "The Salvation Project," which was named finalist for "political thriller of the year." All of Rothstein's stories are a blend of tense and suspenseful fiction wrapped around contemporary issues.

"Book shelves are filled with action stories based on secret agents, detectives, coroners, and other familiar fictional figures," says Rothstein. "But some of the most suspenseful and dramatic events are those that affect our own lives. That's what I try to write---stories that entertain, and also have contemporary meaning."

Joe Rothstein worked for three decades as a political strategist and as an aide to governors, senators and others in public life. His work has the authenticity of someone who has lived his stories.

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