ByteChek and Vonahi Security Announce Partnership to Make Penetration Testing More Cost-effective and SOC 2 Less Painful

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Vonahi Security and Bytechek Announce Strategic Partnership

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Both Founders are joining forces to innovate complex security processes

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Vonahi Security

Automated penetration testing platform meets automated security compliance to help small businesses go to market faster.

The cost of both a pentest and a compliance audit can be prohibitive for smaller organizations, this strategic partnership is lowering the barrier of entry for businesses of all sizes.”
— Alton Johnson, Founder and Principal Security Consultant

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / -- Vonahi Security (Vonahi), a pioneer in automating network penetration testing, and ByteChek, the all-in-one compliance automation company that provides both a SOC 2 SaaS solution and a complete SOC 2 audit for just one fee, today announced a joint partnership to make annual compliance more efficient, affordable, and accessible to companies of all sizes.

SOC 2, developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA), is a benchmark auditing procedure used to ensure that service providers manage data securely. Strict information security policies and procedures must be implemented and followed by SaaS providers to meet compliance.

Cybersecurity penetration testing — an authorized simulated cyberattack on a computer system to evaluate its security, aka ethical hacking — is an essential service for both large and small businesses because they need a periodic pentest to maintain compliance.

“Regular penetration tests are a critical part of any cybersecurity program,” said ByteChek CEO and Founder, AJ Yawn.

“Similar to ByteChek, Vonahi specializes in bringing innovative and valuable security solutions to startups and small businesses. We’re excited to partner with a security-first, innovative penetration testing provider to bring this capability to our customers.”

“The cost of both a pentest and a compliance audit can be prohibitive for smaller organizations, this strategic partnership is lowering the barrier of entry for businesses of all sizes,” said Alton Johnson, Vonahi’s founder, and principal security consultant. “Together we are leveraging automation to reduce turnaround time and increase cost-effectiveness in a manner that is unique to the cybersecurity industry.”

As cyberattacks become ever more sophisticated, partnerships like these are not optional, but indispensable.

Affordable, real-time evaluation and prevention ensure the ability to always move forward — with confidence.

About ByteChek:
The ByteChek platform helps organizations of all sizes assess their cybersecurity posture efficiently and prove compliance faster. ByteChek enables companies to establish their security program, automate their readiness assessment, and complete their SOC 2 and other cybersecurity audits faster – all from a single platform.

About Vonahi Security:
Vonahi Security is building the future of offensive cybersecurity consulting services through automation. Used by over 1,500 organizations, vPenTest from Vonahi is an automated platform that fully replicates manual internal and external network penetration testing, making it easy and affordable for organizations of all sizes to continuously evaluate cybersecurity risks in real-time.

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