Strasis Systems Announces Limelight XE Version 2.3 Integrated Security, Command and Control Software Suite

Limelight XE Map Console

Limelight XE Tracking Console

Object Tracking History

Example tracking history showing changes in speed and draft of a ship

Example Complex Geofence

Example complex geofence monitoring a restricted area surrounding Norfolk Naval Base

Latest version adds detailed object tracking, fleet management, geofencing and mapping plus dozens of new features and enhancements

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- Strasis Systems, LLC has just released version 2.3 of their integrated security management, automation and command and control software suite - Limelight XE. The latest version now fully supports asset and vehicle tracking which includes vehicles, ships, aircraft, personnel and fixed assets. It supports various vehicle trackers as well as many location protocols such as ADS-B and AIS as well as external databases.

The new Mapping / Tracking tab on the Limelight XE console now allows direct control over how objects are displayed and monitored in real time. Operators can share views in a single click to post to display walls or other operator stations. History archiving includes many object attributes plus several custom attributes based on object classifications (e.g., ship's draft vs vehicle fuel level). This highly configurable map display also supports external layers for weather providers or custom map tile servers. Additionally, external databases can be injected into the object tracking engine from multiple sources allowing a single mapping / tracking environment for control rooms or operator stations.

Objects are organized into several major classifications - animals and humans, fixed assets and special objects, aircraft, ships and land vehicles. Each of these major classifications are assigned to layers for complete customization. Each layer contains many visual attributes that can be enabled to help identify objects to operators as well as provide clarification when multiple objects are close together. Object location can also be predicted based on last known physical data such as heading, speed, turn rate and acceleration between reports. This provides improved visual updates as well as near real-time geofencing violations and triggers. In addition, the object classifier definitions have been expanded to include a large selection of heavy equipment, locomotives and railroad rolling stock, land vehicles such as light or heavy trucks and much more.

The Limelight XE geofencing engine can handle very large geo-polygons that can be drawn directly with tools inside the console that can follow terrain or security boundaries to clearly define specific areas. There are four additional layers for geofencing including restricted areas and warnings. Objects can trigger alerts when entering or leaving a geofenced area (or both). Geofences can optionally be displayed on maps providing a visual indication of the area complete with variable transparency to provide clarity.

A very powerful new feature is fleet management. The built-in fleet manager can track unlimited numbers of objects and trigger alerts if a member has lost contact or is idle for an extended period. The fleet view tab provides a comprehensive overview of all members including color coded object status (e.g., moving, parked, under way, etc.). Fleets can be arranged into groups allowing easy management of large numbers of objects or to separate objects by type.

Download a complete fully functional copy of Limelight XE today and discover all the powerful features of this highly integrated security, video, automation and object tracking command and control suite complete with a free, non-expiring basic license.

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