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Anne Phey Pays It Forward To Leaders All Around The World

Anne Phey, Founder of Leadership Coaching School

Anne Phey, Founder of Leadership CoachIng School pays it forward to all leaders around the world.

We are not born leaders, but we find our way to create better versions of ourselves.”
— Anne Phey, Founder of Leadership Coaching School

SINGAPORE, June 2, 2022 / -- Life Coach University celebrates Anne Phey, Founder of Leadership Coaching School for paying it forward everyday in the month of May. Anne shared lessons and personal stories from her own journey of being a Boss from Hell to Heaven as part of the 365 Pay It Forward Talks with Life Coach University.

Anne believes that everyone is called to be a leader, be it in our family, among friends, within our communities, or at work with our teams. Leadership is both a privilege and an opportunity to make a positive difference by empowering others.

She built a reputation for working with leaders as well as being a leader in uncharted areas, such as opening up new markets, creating new business models, helping start-ups, taming the toughest of bosses, re-building demoralized teams, and corporate restructuring.

At the risk of career suicide, one day, Anne’s team member Rina told the team that Anne had been a “Boss from Hell”. Despite the audible gasps, Anne was not fazed by Rina’s comment and admitted that she had been a difficult boss.

Anne then asked Rina, “So what made you follow me when I changed departments?” Rina replied that she had followed a newly transformed Anne, who had become the “Boss from Heaven”.

The unexpected realization of Anne’s transformation inspired her to share her experience with other leaders.

From then on, Anne resolved to be the best possible coach and became passionate about empowering leaders to become the best version of themselves. To achieve this goal, she created the Leadership Coaching School, where leaders work with Anne to transform themselves and their teams through key leadership acts and coaching.

In addition to being the Founder of Leadership Coaching School, Anne supports Positive Intelligence as Coach Engagement Director by empowering Coach Communities in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions, and gives back by being part of the Life Coach University in their 365 Pay-It-Forward Program.

For the entire month of May, Anne paid it forward to leaders all around the world by sharing her Leadership Framework that guides leaders through the process of building high-performing and engaged teams.

She condensed the concepts from her Leadership Framework explained into simple day-to-day terms. Each snippet was filled with Anne’s personal stories of a Boss from Hell or Heaven (either herself or the bosses she has worked with). She shared with openness and vulnerability the real-life situations, triumphs, failures, and considerations that were made during difficult and painful moments. Anne says “We are not born leaders, but we find our way to create better versions of ourselves.”

Anne’s personal stories of a Boss from Hell or Heaven are available through the 365 PIF Talks at Life Coach University. Come to learn, to laugh, and to cry with Anne as she candidly shares her personal and professional journey. All the replays are available at Life Coach University's website for free.

All About Anne Phey
Anne Phey is a Leadership Coach based in Singapore with 30 years of leadership experience in advertising (Bates with Heineken, Batey with Singapore Airlines), in sales and marketing of Fortune 500 companies such as IBM and MTV, and in running start ups for herself as well as others. She has a Masters of Business Administration from the University of Hull, a Masters of Arts from National University of Singapore, and post-graduate studies from Harvard Business School. Anne trains and certifies coaches and is a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation.

Having been a Boss from Hell to Heaven, and seeing the impact of her personal transformation on her teams, Anne has a passion to transform leaders and coaches. Anne believes that leadership is not a badge of achievement earned when one gets promoted but rather a lifestyle for all seasons of life.

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