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Redefining Grade 12 - a viable alternative

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The current education system doesn’t match the needs and skills of all students

The use of technology provides an opportunity to students who require an Grade 12. Our analytics tool allows us to monitor each student’s academic performance, and we then offer additional support.”
— Shaun Swartz
JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, SOUTH AFRICA, June 1, 2022 / -- Good schools in South Africa offer a world class education. However, the current education system doesn’t match the needs and skills of ALL students.

Students who require different learning approaches or different examination methods often fall through the cracks. For some students a second language is the stumbling block that prevents them from achieving a high school pass. This also impacts on a school’s final matric results.

We have a solution.

Through years of experience, we at Learnalot for Schools have come to understand that some students require alternate curricula, alternate learning methods, and even alternate exam processes.

We believe that each student should be able to complete high school successfully, with the best resources and most effective schooling options available to them. We also know that your school’s final Grade 12 results will be better than ever.

While not yet widely known, matric is not the only option available to students wanting to achieve a high school certificate in South Africa.

The Learnalot for Schools’ offering enables you to present your students with an alternative to the National Senior Certificate.

The expansion and familiarity of online learning platforms has opened new opportunities for Grade 11 and Grade 12 students. By combining the very best of online learning with the physicality and personal interaction at school, you can now offer all your students an opportunity to succeed academically in Grade 12.

Learnalot for Schools is a world class, online education company that partners with schools to ensure that every student finishes high school feeling confident, empowered and having achieved the best results possible.

With our offering you can gear up your school to provide an alternative option to Matric for students in Grade 11 and Grade 12.

In addition to the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Independent Examinations Board (IEB) Grade 12 curriculum, you can also offer your students the American GED, an internationally accredited Grade 12 equivalent curriculum.

This means that instead of a matric certificate, students will receive an American High School Equivalency Certificate - an internationally recognised high school diploma with the ability to apply to most universities and colleges worldwide.

The international content of the GED South Africa is designed to equip students with the critical thinking skills needed for the 21st century.

The GED curriculum can provide your students with an exceptionally effective, structured and fully supported online learning platform, in conjunction with your range of on-campus extra-curricular activities.

Individual students continue as registered students at your school, with ongoing access to all your school has to offer, while completing the Grade 12 Equivalent American GED, instead of the NSC or IEB. The major benefit is that the student does not need to leave your school, or worse, drop out of school completely.

Benefits for schools:
1. Retain students who might leave to pursue a High School Certificate elsewhere.
2. Retain students and sustain tuition fees.
3. Retain outstanding sport and/or cultural activity students at the school, who might otherwise leave to complete matric at a different learning institution.
4. Provide students with a positive senior year examination experience.
5. Additional educational and emotional support throughout the year and at exam time relieves some of the pressure on teachers.
6. Additional learning resources and extra lessons saves the school and the parents added academic costs.
7. Improve teacher to student ratio.

Benefits for Student
There is additional academic and proactive support for students pursuing the GED offering.
1. A world-class GED® approved online course for each subject.
2. A dedicated GED® coach guiding and motivating the student on their GED educational journey.
3. Comprehensive feedback, engagement and support for assignments, homework and lessons.
4. Highly effective, interactive, live online lessons with an experienced GED® Online Virtual Tutor.
5. A structured weekly study timetable, that is integrated within your school’s current academic timetable, assisting students to keep on-track.
6. Access to all your school’s sporting, cultural and other extra-curricular programmes.
7. The continued sense of community with being a student at your school.
8. Registration as an international GED® student, in addition to being a student at your school.
9. The opportunity to complete high school with a different curriculum, should the national curriculum not meet a student’s needs.
10. An accreditation that sets the student up for global success.

The GED Curriculum is made up of four external tests:
1. Reasoning Through Language Arts (English)
2. Mathematical Reasoning
3. Science
4. Social Studies

Within the GED® tests the following subjects are covered:
English, Mathematics, Physical Science, Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History, Economics, Geography

GED® assessments take place at any of the GED® accredited Boston City Campus testing sites around South Africa, and many more around the world.

Assessment can be taken on any day that suits the student. When they are ready to write, they just need to book, according to availability, and take the test.

The GED is an effective platform for students to study further in South Africa and internationally. The GED also opens many career opportunities for students looking to start their working career.
For example:
1. Boston City Campus, a private university, accepts graduated GED® students to study for an undergraduate degree.
2. The University of the People, an online American university, accepts the GED® as an entrance certificate. It offers a variety of exciting courses at affordable rates.

By collaborating and partnering with Learnalot for Schools, you can provide this exciting academic enhancement to your students.

Learnalot for Schools is a world class, online education company, whose expertise is in delivering high-quality online qualifications and courses at affordable rates, enabling students to study online, anywhere.

This collaboration provides your school the opportunity to offer your students access to the best online learning systems, with the benefits of the continued physical experience of school, and the opportunity to get the best marks possible.

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