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CURE Project is Set to Release the Latest Disruptive Token in its Growing Ecosystem

"CURE Chain will fix a healthcare industry that has no motivation to change because it doesn't even know it's broken – and will do so by mass demand."

ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, May 26, 2022 / -- CURE Token is gearing up to release CURE Chain – a brand new secondary project within the ecosystem, dedicated to overhaul global healthcare research and foster collaboration.

CURE Token has made a name for itself within the DeFi space for a number of reasons, including being the first ever charity created and backed token (which supports pediatric cancer), and its partnership with the Kaulig Racing team, which will see racer Noah Gragson take a CURE wrapped car to the tracks this September during the NASCAR’s Cup Series.

The new medical side of the project will be built on the Hedera network, with an Etherum-based ERC-20 token to support the investment side. As its new whitepaper explains, “CURE Chain has been designed primarily to overhaul global healthcare collation through decentralized collaboration, while rewarding users for their anonymous data via NFT royalties. An evolution of the CURE ecosystem, CURE Chain will additionally support CURE Token, using inbuilt taxation to fund pediatric cancer donations.” According to Jacob Beckley, (the chicago native CEO of the CURE project, as well as executive vice president of technology, product and Innovation at Fusion92 and chairman of the 501c3 non-profit organization, the Beckley Foundation) global researchers currently work in small pockets due to governmental and company red tape, meaning there is a distinct lack of accessible research data shared between institutes. This results in duplication of effort and slow progress of treatments and cure production.

CURE Chain’s unique proprietary system will act as a solution to these issues, by allowing individuals to opt into, through consent, having their healthcare data anonymously and agnostically shared onto the network in the form of dynamic NFTs, which will grow throughout the life of the patient. Researchers will be able to directly access and share this information freely, using the decentralized nature of Web 3 to bypass regulations that slow progress, and remove the duplication of effort. As a reward for their supplied data, the individual will receive royalties, in perpetuity, every single time their data is utilized. Additionally, they will be able to gain access to how their information is used and participate in trials and help inform where research is done.

The team has enrolled popular tech figurehead Jim Nasr – CEO of award-winning technology firm Acoer – to head up blockchain development. Nasr’s previous credentials include being acting CTO at Safe Health System, developing a Digital Health and Connected Diagnostics Platform in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, and the Chief Software Architect at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), leading the modernization of the agency’s scientific applications, culminating in the development of OpenCDC. Development on the system has already begun, and the governing token is set to launch on June 1st, after three rounds of public sale, catering heavily towards holders of CURE Token. Indeed the team are keen to stress that CURE Chain is not a replacement, and that the pair will work in harmony, with the latter featuring a 2% buy and burn of CURE Token, to increase the former’s value as CURE Chain grows. This will allow the project to continue to provide financial support to those battling the disease, both within research institutes and in the personal lives of sufferers.

The launch has already received a lot of attention due to its lofty goals, and when it achieves them, it is certainly the project to watch.

Cure chain is already set to start the work within the next week here and has a timeframe of 90 days until the first Demonstrable version is able to be shown to the general public.

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