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Business Reporter: How openness to international candidates is key to meeting recruitment challenges

To address the widening skills gap, businesses need to rethink their recruitment practices

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 25, 2022/ -- In an article published on Business Reporter, Oliver Desurmont, the CEO of Cooptalis talks about the opportunities of the surge in the number of international candidates and remote jobs in the wake of the pandemic presents for recruitment. There is a wide range of industries impacted by skills shortages including technology, finance media and telecommunications. What is expected to aggravate the problem even further is that most baby boomers are going to retire by 2030 taking their work experience and expertise away from the labour market. Although reskilling and upskilling programmes are increasingly developed by L&D departments and training professionals, businesses need to tap into ready-to-deploy talent pools too to bridge the skills gap. The most effective way of expanding the pool of available candidates is to reconsider established recruitment practices and criteria and hire new employees internationally.

Cooptalis, leveraging its talent mapping capability, first identifies geographical areas where a rich supply of candidates with the required sets of professional and soft skills are available, then they offer an effective head-hunting solution to shortlist candidates with the help of pre-qualification and evaluation tests. They also underscore the role that alternatives to permanent, full-time employment play in finding new talent such as part time, freelance and fixed-term contracts or taking on hires who work for multiple employers.

in addition to recruitment services, Cooptalis also offers mobility, immigration and tax services, as well as international scaling and coaching support.

To learn more about how recruiting internationally can address your talent shortage problems, read the article.

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