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Replace Your University is Developing a Reputation as a Top Place to Work in 2022 and Beyond

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With a family-oriented focus, RYU’s leadership has focused on performance and work/life balance putting the company high on lists of top places to work

We want our sales guys to be able to work from anywhere in the world and make their own schedules. Have the freedom to work when and where they want and the ability to put family first.”
— Derrick Waltz, CSO of Replace Your University
PHOENIX, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 20, 2022 / -- Replace Your University, the 500-pound gorilla in the financial education industry, is quickly cementing their reputation as a highly desirable place to work in the finance industry. This comes at a time when recruiting talent is increasingly difficult and the ability to attract top talent is critical to building a solid company.

Replace Your Mortgage started in 2014 when Michael Lush used an ingenious strategy to accelerate the payoff of his mortgage in 3.5 years, resulting in eventually sharing the strategy with others by publishing a book called “Replace Your Mortgage”. Since then, Replace Your Mortgage has grown at an exponential pace largely due to the incredible success clients consistently achieve. With most clients being referrals from previous clients, it is clear this strategy is effective.

At a time where recruitment has become critical Replace Your University appears to be hitting a home run. With fewer people working and more of a focus on company culture instead of purely compensation, the shifting of workplace environments has put a premium on talent. The ability to attract and retain high-level employees is difficult but still critical to the success of the company.

Michael Lush and the executive team are all family men and men of faith. They practice what they preach, and they ensure their team has the ability to focus on family as well. As part of the company’s progress and development, they have shifted from typical corporate structures and instead focus their teams on achieving KPIs and performance goals instead of putting in mindless hours. This has led to attracting top talent who generate exceptional results often while working much shorter work days. Team members (many of whom are family men from the finance world used to working 12+ hour days) love working at RYU and creating exceptional income while having a well-rounded family life.

The CSO of Replace Your University, Derrick Waltz, recently added, “We want our sales guys to be able to work from anywhere in the world and make their own schedules. Have the freedom to work when and where they want and the ability to put family first. We're also big on performance compensation, so if you're helping people and you're just killing it, we want to financially reward you as well.”

This appears to be another steppingstone for Replace Your University and will help the growth surpass expectations once again. RYU has injected additional capital into expanding operations and has not currently opened doors to outside investment or funding.


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