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The Women Who Run Hollywood-Two Sisters Making a Cinematic Impact

The Women Who are Making a Difference in Hollywood

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / -- Wichita Films, a French production company, was founded in 2006 by two sisters, Clara and Julia Kuperberg, to produce and direct documentaries intended for a global audience. They have made over 50 films so far and specialize in films about Old Hollywood and the portrayal of American culture in film. Their partner in the US, Martine Melloul from Kali Pictures, co-produces the films and brokers their distribution deals.

The sisters are releasing 4 new films through DeskPop Entertainment sure to make an impact in the entertainment world. These films will expose racism, women’s repression of sexuality, and the ‘who’ behind the face that was the first ‘movie star’. THE WITCHES OF HOLLYWOOD, HOLLYWOOD, NO SEX PLEASE, YELLOWFACE: ASIAN WHITEWASHING AND RACISM IN HOLLYWOOD AND I, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS have been steadily rolling out for premieres in April and May 2022.

THE WITCHES OF HOLLYWOOD—A colorful cinematic history of the female representation as the Hollywood Witch, from The Wicked Witch of the West to The Sanderson Sisters! Throughout time, witches have represented many things for women on screen, maturity, sexuality, rebirth, revenge, and feminism. Witches are characters who often live in a society that oppresses or fears them for their power, representing how women have struggled to find their place in the male-dominated world and how a woman having such power can be “dangerous.” This has been drastically changing in contemporary cinema and television from Hermione Granger to Sabrina The Teenage Witch as we now get a positive female look at extraordinary characters who paved the way for the modern-day Hollywood Witch.

HOLLYWOOD, NO SEX PLEASE—The USA has a severe problem: a lack of open sexuality and eroticism in Film and TV. After the Hays Code had faded away, Hollywood exploited the newly found freedom in films like Basic Instinct and Body Heat to name but a few. But when Reagan and Bush came to power, the public attitude toward sex changed again. Hollywood No Sex Please demonstrates how the American film industry correctly reflects these changes in behavior. Carefully selected film and TV clips ranging from Midnight Cowboy to Last Tango in Paris and Masters of Sex to Sex and the City underpin a narration woven together from interviews with those who are at the forefront of sexual liberation.

YELLOWFACE: ASIAN WHITEWASHING AND RACISM IN HOLLYWOOD—Until today, whitewashing was a racist tradition in Hollywood. As was “blackface”, the “yellowface” was used in Hollywood as a propaganda tool and manifestation of racism. The attack on Pearl Harbor changed the world forever. The United States entered WWII. Hollywood was quick to react with films from Know Your Enemy to Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips. With the arrival of the Cold War, the enemy image had to change quickly, and Hollywood obliged. This film takes audiences on a journey of Asian representation on screen from Cecille B. Demille’s, The Cheat to the defining moment and celebration of the critical and box office hit, Crazy Rich Asians. The film is now available on HBO Max, TCM, and Amazon.

I, DOUGLAS FAIRBANKS—A film Narrated by SAG Award nominee Peter Facinelli as Douglas Fairbanks, who was the first ‘king’ of Hollywood, but not many know his name. Douglas Fairbanks dazzled fans as the movie star who swash buckled in Zorro, dueled exuberantly in Robin Hood, and soared magnificently in The Thief of Bagdad. His life story unfolds with American history and the emergence of the film industry. A representation of the country at the time, strong, confident, and heroic, he was considered America’s first icon.

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