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Kristi Pritchett, founder of

Kristi Pritchett and the inspiration behind her pet records service. keeps pet records and a growing list of pet resources.

My dream is to help people safely and securely save pet information and share it with those who need it.”
— Kristi Pritchett
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2022 / -- For only a few dollars a month, pet owners are taking the hassle out of sharing health records with boarding resorts and pet sitters via a new online data service. The service, called “Fetch Records” at, provides a safe and secure platform where important pet information is stored and shared as needed.

The service is the brainchild of Kristi Pritchett, a long-time property management executive in Las Vegas. Although Pritchett is an avid pet owner with five dogs, two birds, two turtles, one rabbit, and a koi pond, her family of four also enjoys traveling and spending time at their cabin retreat near Duck Creek in southern Utah.

“Spending time at the cabin or planning a vacation became a daunting task because I found myself writing down pages of instructions for our pet sitters, family members, and friends,” said Pritchett. “Even when I typed it up, I would have to review all the instructions and make handwritten notes in the margins, updating medication schedules and food preferences. I knew there had to be an easier way.”

Pritchett found her easier way by working with programmers and designers to develop a system where pet owners could create pet profiles that could be shared with boarding resorts, pet sitters, family members, friends, and even vets. Since all of the information can be updated in real time, Pritchett never has to review pet records as part of her travel plans again.

“Once we developed the framework, I quickly realized there was a lot more information we could store — important details about our pets — for anyone taking care of them,” says Pritchett. “Not only do we provide health records, vaccination dates, allergic reactions, and medication schedules, but also fun facts like food preferences, activities, and even legacy instructions in case of an emergency.”

Pritchett says the idea to include legacy instructions occurred to her after a friend shared their attempt to rescue a family pet after their grandmother died. Their grandmother did not keep any health records such as medical information, dietary needs, or even the dog’s veterinarian.

“They spent an entire day calling area vets and boarding hospitals trying to find out all of these important details,” says Pritchett. “No one, not even neighbors, knew precisely what this dog needed when it mattered most.”

Had “Fetch Records” already existed, the pet owner’s grandson would have had all of the critical information already in place — including who would care for the dog. The surviving family members had to make the best decisions without any direction.

“Their story had a tragic ending because the dog was in poor health and very sick by the time the right vet was located,” says Pritchett. “I knew we needed to include prompts to help families avoid this kind of double tragedy.”

According to Pritchett, prompting aging pet owners to provide legacy information isn’t the only way can help. Many older pet owners struggle to manage their personal medication schedules, so updating and providing online data or a printout can be a helpful reminder or provide peace of mind when they want to visit family and board their pets.

“Almost 40 percent of dog owners skip vacations to stay with their dogs, and another 75 percent of vacationers take their pets with them, even if it means sneaking them into the hotel,” says Pritchett. “These kinds of statistics show how important pets are to families. Most people could use some peace of mind when they leave pets behind.”

Along with data management and storage, is developing an online retail store with pet tested and approved products. Pritchett’s long-term goals include creating celebration box subscriptions and activity ideas for different pets.

“People tend to think about cats and dogs first, but there are so many interesting ideas to engage and enjoy quality time with all sorts of pets,” says Pritchett. “We’re very focused on discovering new ways to make the lives of all pets better when their owners are home or away.” began accepting subscriptions after a soft launch in March. The initial subscribers were beta testers, including Pritchett. Her family recently took a vacation to San Diego. It was the first time providing pet information and took just two seconds — one touch of a button to authorize her pet sitter to view pet records. is a safe, secure online data management system for pets. It provides pet owners with the ability to update pet information after any change, a veterinarian visit, or just before someone else cares for their pets. The system even includes reminder notifications to update records every year. For more information, visit

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