CompanionLink Launches v10 Update that includes Easy Outlook to iCloud Sync

Fast Sync from Outlook to your smartphone.

CompanionLink v10 for Outlook, Android, iPhone sync

CompanionLink for Outlook and Samsung Galaxy

Affordable Sync tool gets an important update to synchronize any folder in Outlook to iPhone and Android.

At CompanionLink, our goal is to provide the most efficient and cost-effective service possible, Our developers are constantly working on creating software that is simple and easy to use.”
— Mary Lyons, Director of Marketing
PORTLAND, OR, USA, May 13, 2022 / -- CompanionLink Software has released version 10, a new update with improved sync systems and a new Outlook to iCloud Sync driver. CompanionLink is the leading provider for Outlook Sync to Android and iPhone. CompanionLink is the only vendor that supports USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Cloud, Google and Outlook Sync, a perpetual software license for a one-time price. CompanionLink is more flexible, cheaper, and more reliable than alternative products. Thousands of people depend on this product every day to ensure their smartphone Calendar and Contacts are up-to-date. CompanionLink is still the only Outlook Sync vendor that offers low prices, easy configuration, portable license and US-based telephone tech support. Your data security is CompanionLink’s priority, and they ensure to handle your data in the most secure fashion.

“At CompanionLink, our goal is providing our customers with the most efficient and cost-effective service possible,” says Mary Lyons, marketing director at CompanionLink Software. “Our developers are constantly working on creating software that is simple and easy to use. We are dedicated to making sure any bugs or technical difficulties are solved as fast as possible so that our customers can sync their data between devices hassle-free.”

CompanionLink v10 introduces direct sync from Outlook® to iCloud® for people who use iCloud to sync to their iPhone and iPad. CompanionLink’s Outlook engine can gather data from any type of Outlook folder, POP3, IMAP and Exchange, and sync it quickly and easily to Apple’s iCloud ecosystem. This system is an improvement to the folder replacement option, which requires you to use a particular folder in Outlook, or the method of publishing your iCloud calendar, which is not secure. CompanionLink supports Outlook 2007 and higher and can also sync from online forms of Outlook, including Outlook.Com, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange.

Also, in CompanionLink v10 is updated 64-bit Outlook logic. This change recognizes that Outlook installs 64-bit by default, and so this is now handled as native for CompanionLink. Additionally, to ease some issues with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync, CompanionLink now uses Googles Firebase and FCM ID to assist in pairing your phone to your PC. Finally, v10 has new drivers for Microsoft Graph API drivers to ensure a more secure connection to Microsoft Teams, Exchange and other Microsoft Windows 11 and Office 365 platforms.

Instead of the expensive subscription services offered by competitors, CompanionLink Software is devoted to delivering a one-time purchase price to its users. CompanionLink’s one-time purchase license price starts at just $69.95, and this price includes free telephone technical support.

CompanionLink products are available with a $49 RunStart setup and $129 Premium Support. Both services allow a technician to log into your computer and configure it to your specifications. CompanionLink is simple to set up and use. In less than an hour, a typical setup and import of 5000 contacts and a five-user calendar may be completed.

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