Leading the Way to Digital Accessibility: Kyle Katt, Launch Consulting’s New Chief Experience Officer

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Kyle Katt, Chief Experience Officer | Launch Consulting

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With firsthand experience in the quest for digital accessibility, Kyle walks the talk in helping companies transform experiences through technology.

Kyle is someone I’ll always want on my side professionally & personally. He is technically brilliant, but more importantly, his selflessness & empathy in understanding others makes him the ideal CXO.”
— Heinrich Montana, CEO of Launch
BELLEVUE, WA, USA, May 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Launch Consulting celebrates Kyle Katt’s promotion to Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Launch, a digital transformation firm headquartered in the Greater Seattle area that helps large and scaling companies make bold moves with confidence.

Kyle's experience spans 21 years across various consulting companies, focusing on data architecture and resources. He co-founded 110 Consulting with Heinrich Montana (Launch’s current CEO) in 2007, which merged with Launch in 2016. Along with Charlene Coleman, Kyle was instrumental in growing Launch’s Modern Finance sector, overseeing a managed services project for Microsoft Finance that has turned into one of Launch’s longest-running and highest-impact projects. Over the last nine years, the project has grown from a team of two to around 50 people.

Prior to becoming Launch’s CXO earlier this year, Kyle held the title of CTO, but his experience in a variety of functional areas across the business made him an ideal candidate to expand his role. With this move, he takes the helm of Launch’s Studios, which are centers of expertise focused on developing solutions within a practice area that solve problems across industries.

“I have a strong background in data, software engineering, and technology leadership,” Kyle said, “but adding in new capabilities around human experience, strategy, creative design, organizational effectiveness, and learning and development makes me excited to learn about what these Studios bring to the table—and how to best integrate them and collaborate with the Studios I have more experience working in, like Technology Architecture.”


On top of his leadership responsibilities, Kyle has partnered with Davood Ghods, Government Sector Lead for Launch, to build a new offering for digital accessibility strategy. This is an area of personal importance: in 2010, Kyle discovered he had a genetic eye condition that would cause his eyesight to progressively degenerate, and he has since become legally blind. His declining sight, Kyle said, has helped him in his quest “to always focus on making complex things simpler.”

“There are a lot of state and federal laws about public content being digitally accessible for people with any type of disability,” he pointed out. “So Davood—who has worked on digital accessibility with the State of California over the years—and I, with my personal connection to this cause and having done some digital access work at Microsoft, partnered to build this new offering. It’s a new initiative that we’ve recently launched, and we're working on baking it into our services going forward,” he says.


Kyle’s superpower in leadership is quiet observation. According to Genie Tower, VP of Global Recruiting, he’s “at the epicenter of all we do—you just don’t always know it. His influence, strategic mindset and problem-solving skills are what easily set him apart but it’s the unassuming, subtle way he does it that catches you off guard. He is that person that quietly assesses all facets of a problem while everyone else is talking about it and next thing you know, he presents the perfect solution.”

Solution Architect and Sr. Partner Nick Curia agrees: “No one wields soft power like Kyle Katt wields soft power. The way he does it seemed like magic at first, but I think I see that it is a thoughtful blend of patience, emotional intelligence, passion for our people and culture, honesty, trust, humility, and hard work—qualities he also engenders in his teams.”

As CXO, Kyle plans to wield that soft power, in concert with his breadth of consulting experience, to be impactful across the entire business as it grows. “I’ve spent the last 21 years within various consulting companies, but also personally working within sales, operations, marketing, finance groups, and data,” he said. “Part of what keeps me excited about being at Launch is staying connected to some of those types of projects. And my new role as CXO lets me stay plugged into some of our bigger engagements from a variety of those perspectives.”

Read more about his journey to CXO, how vision loss has influenced his work, and his love of Alexa HERE.

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