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Annette Azan and Karina Sulzer Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis

Annette Azan, Nuudii System Founder & CEO

Annette Azan, Nuudii System Founder & CEO

Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym, Skin Camp, Youth Haus and PaintLab

Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym, Skin Camp, Youth Haus and PaintLab

Candice Georgiadis

Candice Georgiadis

Annette Azan, Nuudii System Founder & CEO. Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym, Skin Camp, Youth Haus and PaintLab.

We tell it like it is! We’re calling BS on the bra industry, and that takes courage.”
— Annette Azan, Nuudii System Founder & CEO

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Annette Azan, Nuudii System Founder & CEO
Which three character traits do you think were most instrumental to your success? Can you please share a story or example for each?

Vision, tenacity, and flexibility have been vital to my success as an entrepreneur and innovator. I look at vision as a goal post by which I can lead, and a direction to take when the path ahead isn’t clear.

In addition to this, tenacity keeps me moving forward towards these goals when it feels easier to give up on an idea or project.

Finally, and most importantly for the fashion industry, is flexibility. Fashion is constantly evolving. I aim to stay up-to-date on what people are wearing and why they’re wearing it. Fashion is an amazing outlet for creative expression, and I’m always learning from the people around me.

What do you think makes your company stand out? Can you share a story?

We tell it like it is! We’re calling BS on the bra industry, and that takes courage.

For centuries, boobwear aimed to enhance cleavage and narrow the waist. This was the sole purpose of the bra’s predecessor, the corset, and when society introduced the modern bra, things did not get more comfortable. Pushing up, flattening down, perfectly molding, erasing the nipple — we’ve been conditioned to believe our boobs are flawed in their natural form. Now, hundreds of years later, it’s astounding how little has changed… until Nuudii.

Nuudii believes in comfort over constraint and embracing your shape over constricting it. That’s why Nuudii is a boobwear body essential (not a bra) made with our customer’s shapes and lifestyles in mind.

Nuudii fuses fit, function and fashion. With a soft flex fabric that feels like skin, unique patented design and 12 ways to wear, a Nuudii is made for real life. Wear it while you: sleep, work, practice yoga, hike, nurse, dance and travel.

Long term, we would love for Nuudii to be available via special vending machines in airports, spas, hotels and other retail spaces for people to access on the go.

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Karina Sulzer, Founder of Skin Gym, Skin Camp, Youth Haus and PaintLab
What are the “myths” that you would like to dispel about being a founder? Can you explain what you mean?

That it’s a 9–5 job. It’s definitely not! Your business really is your baby, and you’re working every second of every day in some form or another to bring your vision to life. I love it, but it’s definitely something to consider before starting your own brand.

Another one is that it’s the fastest way to get “rich”. I’m not saying that you can’t build a profitable business and support yourself, you can, but most businesses require a lot of time and effort.

Is everyone cut out to be a founder? In your opinion, which specific traits increase the likelihood that a person will be a successful founder and what type of person should perhaps seek a “regular job” as an employee? Can you explain what you mean?

Being a founder is tough, gritty, and often grueling work. There will be days where you ask yourself, is it worth it? And the answer depends on a variety of factors. I’m very hands-on when it comes to my brands and am always thinking about my next idea. That being said, I love every second of it.

A few traits that I find to be important in a founder? Passion, ambition, resilience, a clear vision, and perhaps most importantly great communication skills. You need to communicate your vision to not only retainers and other potential partners, but also to your team of brilliant employees that help upgrade your brand each day. As for the rest? You must maintain your passion while having the resilience to remind yourself that building a business is a marathon, not a sprint.

What are your “5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started” and why? (Please share a story or example for each.)

The amount of work that being a founder entails:
Don’t get me wrong, I always knew that being a business owner would require tons of work on my part. But it was even more difficult than I expected. I went from a normal, 9–5 job to a 24/7 role that required endless amounts of mental, physical, and social energy. I powered through because I was passionate about my goals, and it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

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