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GROU Coffee + Cowork, a space to grow and create in Coral Gables

Barbara Safina and Orlando Superlano, GROU founders

CORAL GABLES, FL, USA, April 27, 2022 / -- In December 2021, GROU was born. A family business created by Barbara Safina and Orlando Superlano, a young Venezuelan marriage that moved to Miami to start a business and opened the first Coffee+Cowork in Coral Gables. Their business started offering a wide variety of food and beverages and a coworking space.

Barbara and Orlando created this brand as a space to grow and create. They benefit hundreds of entrepreneurs and small local businesses by offering their products and giving back to the community that has been very receptive since they opened their doors.

Following trends and understanding the always-changing market, GROU Coffee + Cowork is one of the first businesses in the Coral Gables area to accept cryptocurrency as a payment form.

Coffee & Menu

At GROU, coffee matters. GROU joined efforts with Per´La Specialty Roasters. Per´La brings the coffee beans from different sources around the world and roasts them daily in Miami. The team of expert baristas at GROU is in charge of making perfect combinations to please each palate. GROU happens to be the first Affogato (the traditional ice cream and espresso shot recipe) bar in Miami.

They offer a wide variety of sweet and savory options: gluten-free, vegan, and sugar-free.

The MasterChef Latina Lauren Arboleda is in charge of the menu. People can find paninis, avocado toasts, brownies, cookies, carrot cake, marble cake, and coffee cake. They have different flavors of yogurt, being passion fruit a top seller. The mojito brew is a recipe of their own that makes them very proud. It is a coffee lemonade, made with cold-pressed coffee, peppermint, and papelón (Venezuelan hand-crafted unrefined brown sugar). They bottle it daily and is also one of the favorites.


GROU offers private office spaces, shared spaces with personal desks, and a conference room for individual or corporate clients. They also have a private call room, Wi-Fi service, printing station, physical mail address, 24/7 access, and parking within the building premises.

Different allies make business from GROU in these areas: Real Estate, Health & Wellness, Finance, Education, Marketing, Public Relations, and more. With the business model GROU offers, it is possible to use the spaces by the hour or to subscribe to a membership with multiple benefits like 20% off on every product available at the Cafe.

Positive Impact
They support more than 60 local brands, 80 entrepreneurs, and 300 families. Of course, they feel proud and committed to it. They have a strong local impact in Coral Gables and the Miami area. GROU keeps working every day to offer the best service possible and keeps adding allies to grow the list of local products they offer and the number of people they support. They are looking forward to opening new locations in other Miami areas.

GROU Coffee + Cowork is a few steps away from the very popular Merrick Park in the heart of Coral Gables: 4100 Salzedo St #5 Coral Gables, FL 33146. You can find them on social media showing their new products and promotions. Their Instagram handle is @groucommunity and website is

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